Saint Cyrus Leviticus

Real Name: Presumably Saint Cyrus Leviticus

Identity/Class: Allegedly a human bonded with extraterrestrial creature

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ezra Asher

Enemies: Anthony Vargas, Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

First Appearance: Wolverine: Black Rio (1998)





Powers/Abilities: St. Cyrus was allegedly a symbiotic being composed of a human merged with an alien; this state granted him an extended life (and possible immunity to aging and disease), superhuman strength (Class 10), and possibly speed. He apparently fed on the energy released by violent death. The alien advised him telepathically on how to behave, and he typically followed its instructions.
    It would seem that if people were slain in a certain fashion, St. Cyrus could reanimate them as zombie-like beings. However, as they could speak, it might just be that they were vampirized by Ezra and commanded to serve St. Cyrus. He referred to some of them as "his decaying children."


Height: Approximately 6'
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Pale yellow
Hair: Gray


(Wolverine: Black Rio (fb) - BTS) - According to St. Cyrus, an alien traveled to Earth from across the cosmos (light years away) 1000 years ago, symbiotically bonding with a man and forming the being who became St. Cyrus Leviticus. The man gained immunity to aging, and in return it requested that the man feed it the psionic turbulence of thousands of dying souls, which would restore him such he would claim his destiny, which was larger than the known universe.

(Wolverine: Black Rio (fb) - BTS) - St. Cyrus allied with the vampire Ezra Asher, with their relationship having some romantic aspect to it. They plotted to facilitate a mass slaughter at the Carnaval, which would grant him the energy he needed, while simply allowing her to feast on blood.
    Ezra began to slaughter people in a series of attacks, which were investigated by local detective Antonio Vargas, who was actually Ezra's ex-husband before she had disappeared after being vampirized years before.

(Wolverine: Black Rio) - As St. Cyrus spoke to the alien, Ezra mocked him. The alien noted she was disrespectful, and St. Cyrus slapped a mirror out of her hand, stating "Your feminine ceremonies will not be tolerated! Look at me! Is THIS the face of a king? Now...dare to speak of your vanity!" The alien noted that Ezra did not understand them, and St. Cyrus agreed. Ezra was frustrated with his behavior, and the alien noted that she was radiant in her insolence. St. Cyrus grabbed her hand forcefully, but the alien told him to kiss her, and he did telling her that she has tasted immortality, but that now she would taste power. The alien told him to be repentant, and he apologized, noting how he would soon gain the energy needed to claim his destiny, his ultimate ascension upon Earth. The alien told him to look upon the city, which he did.

    Later, St. Cyrus and Ezra waited in the apartment of Vargas, as he returned from a night of partying with his old friend Wolverine. One of Ezra's vampirized legions cracked the drunken Wolverine across the back of the head with a baseball bat, knocking him out. The alien noted an old soul in Wolverine, then told St. Cyrus to make his speech and exit, so he told Vargas how his keen detection skills had brought him to their attention, that his destiny had no room for meddling policemen, and that he was leaving him to his destiny. Ezra then slew Vargas.

    Seeking vengeance, Wolverine allowed himself to be captured by St. Cyrus. As Wolverine awakened, St. Cyrus noted how precious immortality was a gift that placed them above the limitations of mortals, whose ultimate destiny was death. He told Wolverine that they could achieve a far greater destiny though an act of sheer will, sharing his history and symbiotic nature. The alien noted Wolverine would never understand them, so Leviticus told him he was short-sighted, revealing his plans for Carnaval. Before St. Cyrus made his exodus, the alien told him to pinch Wolverine's cheek to achieve a tactile sensation. As he left, he noted how he would live anew, a beautiful king, divine in his inspiration.

    Wolverine subsequently escaped, drove off Ezra Asher, and slaughtered St. Cyrus' agents. As St. Cyrus stool atop a building, overlooking the partying masses, the alien noted that they were very close. St. Cyrus was excited, noting that his tongue had tasted nothing but dust for so long and that he feared he might become drunk with his own greatness as youth could taste so sweet when you been so wise. The alien noted that he was wise, and he agreed, noting that when they claimed their power they could leave mighty footprints upon the planet. The alien noted that some of the people could see him, and St. Cyrus started to rant about how they would die looking at his decrepit form, after which he would gain power and beauty that would cause the gods to tremble. Wolverine then confronted him, but after tossing his cloak over Wolverine's head, he followed the alien's instructions and battered Wolverine repeatedly. As Wolverine tore open St. Cyrus' jacket, the alien realized it was exposed just second before Wolverine slashed it apart with his claws, and it screamed briefly before falling silent. Maddened by this loss, St. Cyrus attacked anew, but Wolverine slew him with a claw thrust through his chest.
    The watching crowd assumed this was all part of the Carnaval festivities.




Comments: Created by Joe Casey, Oscar Jiminez, and Eduardo Alpuente.

    Wolverine questioned whether Leviticus' origins were true as told, or whether he was just crazy. There certainly was a voice in is head.

    Leviticus is the 3rd book in both the Torah and the Old Testament of the Bible.
    St. Cyrus is venerated as a martyr. More info here:

    Not sure what the connection b/t the two is supposed to mean.

    This story took place while Wolverine was de-Adamantiumized.

    St. Cyrus didn't really do much, and his words were often cryptic, so I tended to detail what specifically was done or said rather than try to interpret or summarize.

Profile by Snood.

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Wolverine: Black Rio, p11, panel 1 (face)
    p33, panel 1 (alien showing)
    p40 (full body)

Wolverine: Black Rio (1998) - Joe Casey (writer), Oscar Jiminez (penciler), Eduardo Alpuente (inker), Zena Tsarfin (assistant editor), Ruben Diaz (editor)

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