Classification: Extraterrestrial

Location/Base of Operations: Outer rim of Shi'ar Empire

Known Members: None

Affiliations: Cerise

Enemies: Grand Jhar (C'efn, others)

First Appearance: Excalibur I#69 (September, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: None revealed.

Traits: The diminutive Knsashii were a porpoise-like peaceful race, gray in color, with two arms and two legs. Little is known about their capabilities.


(Excalibur I#69 (fb)) - The Knsashii, a porpoise-like race who prized peace above all else, until the Grand Jhar of the Shi'ar Galactic Empire arrived. Led by C'efn, the Grand Jhar firebombed the Knsashii capital city, then sent soldiers down to slaughter all living beings they found. The race was wiped out so that the Grand Jhar could expand the Shi'ar Empire.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Evan Skolnick, Steve Buccellato and Don Hudson.

One of the Knsashii also appeared on the cover of Excalibur I#70, as evidenced by the main image in this profile. Cerise later killed the Grand Jhar for these atrocities.

Profile by Chadman.

The Knsashii have no known connections to

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Excalibur I#70, cover (main)
Excalibur I#69, p2, pan1 (2nd)

Excalibur I#69 (September, 1993) - Scott Lobdell, Evan Skolnick (writers), Steve Buccellato (penciler), Don Hudson (inker), Suzanne Gaffney (editor)

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