Victor Kreeger as the Hammer of Judgement


Real Name: Victor Kreeger

Identity/Class: Normal human, unconventional technology user

Occupation: Inventor

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsHammer of Judgement (android);

briefly Power Man (Luke Cage)

EnemiesPaul Emery (Zeno Saturn imposter)

Known Relatives: unnamed mother, Mortimer (son), Ransom (son), Jenny (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York and its immediate surrounds, USA

First Appearance: Power Man and Iron Fist I#107 (July, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Victor Kreeger was a normal human with incredible skills in electronics and robotics. As the Hammer of Judgement, he had a hammer as right hand and a special handgun that shot energy beams.

Victor, head shot


(Power Man and Iron Fist I#107 (fb) - BTS) - Victor Kreeger lived with his family and his hobby was inventing things. Mortimer, one of his sons, left home when he was  only 12. For the following nine years, Victor and his family only learnt about Mortimer's successes from TV shows and magazines. Mort had become a music star named Zeno Saturn. Over that time, Victor improved his abilities and built several crackpot inventions, losing a lot of money but also building an android.

    One day, Victor read an article about Zeno Saturn by a dentist and could see some pictures of Zeno under the effect of Novocaine. Victor understood that the man in the pictures was not his son because he was allergic to Novocaine, so with his relatives he started to conceive a scheme to unmask the false Zeno Saturn and learn what had happened to his son, Mortimer, and to inherit his fortune. Victor soon created the Hammer of Judgement, an android. The Kreegers then lured Zeno home, using his 21st birthday as pretense.

Victor Kreeger with his handgun (Power Man and Iron Fist I#107) - Emery, the Zeno imposter, brought with him Power Man and Iron Fist, who actually managed to thwart the android's first attempts at capturing Zeno. But when Power Man explored the house's basement, he found out who the Hammer of Judgement was and its purpose. Victor found Luke Cage there and explained his plan, and Luke agreed to help the Kreegers.

    So, Victor wore the Hammer of Judgement suit and hid himself in the birthday cake. When Zeno went in the house Victor attacked him. Luke Cage restrained Iron Fist so that Victor could terrorize Zeno to the point when he confessed that Mortimer had dead by an accident and that he knew where he was buried. Victor extracted his gun, but Emery suddenly grabbed it and was ready to shoot them but Iron Fist disarmed and knocked him down.

Comments: Created by Alan Rowlands (writer), Geof Isherwood (pencils) and Andy Mushynsky (inks).

Profile by Spidermay.

Victor Kreeger, the Hammer of Judgement, built the original Hammer of Judgement robot but has no known connections to

The Kreegers have no known connections to

Jenny Kreeger

Jenny Kreeger

Jenny was Mortimer's little sister. She hadn't seen his brother for nine years. She was very kind with the false Zemo, but she too knew that he was an imposter and participated with her relatives to the plan to have Emery confess.

--Power Man and Iron Fist I#107

Mort Kreeger dying

Mortimer Kreeger

Mortimer Kreeger was Victor's son. He left home when he was 12 and never went back. He became a famous music star under the name of Zeno Saturn, the Rock n' Roll madman. Unfortunately, during some rehearsals, an electrical accident killed him. So as not to lose money derived from Zeno's name and fame, the producers decided to keep his death a secret and found a substitute. Mort's body was buried anonymously while a new Zeno Saturn was created.


--Power Man and Iron Fist I#107

Ransom Kreeger

Ransom Kreeger

Ransom was Mort's brother and schemed with his relatives the plan to have the replacement Zeno confess. At the bodyguards' arrival, Ransom recognized the Heroes for Hire and named them "Iron Men".

--Power Man and Iron Fist I#107

Mort's grandmother


Mortimer's grandmother was very upset because the tranquility of the neighborhood was always ruined by photographers, reporters and fans. She agreed with Victor about terrorizing the replacement Zeno to find evidence about Mortimer's death and claim his inheritance.

--Power Man and Iron Fist I#107

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Power Man and Iron Fist I#107, p20, pan6 (Victor as the Hammer of Judgement)
Power Man and Iron Fist I#107, p11, pan1 (Victor, head shot)
Power Man and Iron Fist I#107, p12, pan1 (Victor with the ray handgun)
Power Man and Iron Fist I#107, p19, pan5 (Mortimer Kreeger as Zeno Saturn)
Power Man and Iron Fist I#107, p7, pan4 (Jenny Kreeger)
Power Man and Iron Fist I#107, p7, pan6 (Ransom Kreeger)
Power Man and Iron Fist I#107, p10, pan6 (grandmother)

Power Man and Iron Fist I#107 (July, 1984) - Alan Rowlands (writer), Geof Isherwood (pencils), Andy Mushynsky (inks), Danny O'Neil (editor)

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