Real Name: Magnus (or Grim Magnus)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Asgardian) god

Occupation: Warrior; standard bearer

Group Membership: Asgardian gods

Affiliations: Asgardian Gods, Balder, Odin

Enemies: Storm Giants (including Snorth), Gullin, and the other enemies of Asgard

Known Relatives: Unidentified father and ancestors, Greyval Grimson (son), unidentified half-brother, Horskuld (nephew), unidentified grandson

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Presumably Valhalla;
    formerly Hrafnfell (the Raven's Roost), outside the city of Asgard

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #15: The Raven Banner (1985)





Powers/Abilities: Like all Asgardians, Grim Magnus was extremely long-lived, though not immortal. He had superhuman strength (Class 50) and durability. He was a noble and skilled warrior, experienced with war axe, dagger, and presumably other weapons. He carried the Raven Banner.



(Marvel Graphic Novel #15: The Raven Banner (fb) - BTS) - The ancestors of Grim Magnus accepted the tradition of carrying the Raven Banner in battle, with each dying in turn to assure Asgard's victory and then passing on the Banner to his son.

(Marvel Graphic Novel #15: The Raven Banner (fb) - BTS) - Desiring the honor of a brave warrior's death, Grim Magnus made his son Greyval promise not to mourn him.

(Marvel Graphic Novel #15: The Raven Banner (fb) - BTS) - Grim Magnus fought sword-fellow to Balder whom he inspired with his iron heart.

(Marvel Graphic Novel #15: The Raven Banner) - Grim Magnus, carrier of the Raven Banner, fought valiantly against the enemies of Asgard and exhorted his comrades to do the same. He reminded them that the Raven Banner assured their victory, though he himself must perish. As the Storm Giant Snorth charged him, promising to deliver that death. Magnus acknowledged  his noble fate, calling it his glory and the fame of his father's house. Snorth boasted as he struck down Magnus with his mighty sword, but Magnus ignored his taunts, noting that even as he fell that his war-fellows trumpeted Asgard's victory as they drove back their foes.

    Dying, Magnus looked for his son, Greyval, so that he could pass the Banner to him. Magnus died disappointed, as Greyval had been manipulated into abandoning his fate by Trolls, and a group of Trolls, including Svin, claimed the Banner from Magnus' dead hands and carried it off to their subterranean caverns.
    Grim Magnus was carried off to Valhalla by the Valkyrie Sygnet, Greyval's fiancÚ.

    Protected by a spell of enchantment from Odin, Greyval and Balder visited Valhalla, where they encountered Grim Magnus who told them that he had no will to rejoice and join in arms knowing that he had left behind him a son of faint heart. He told Greyval he had observed his actions, but Greyval asked for his father's council and forgiveness and promised in return to win fame's undying glory. Grim Magnus instructed Greyval to visit the realm of Hel, where he would see the wretched fate of hollow lives misspent in cowardice and mean spirit, after which he should seek out the Norns to learn how to regain the Raven Banner. Grim Magnus further told Greyval he must travel alone. As Greyval left, Grim Magnus asked that Odin speed the day that Greyval sat at his right hand in Eternity's lofty mead-hall.





Comments: Created by Alan Zenetz, Charles Vess, and Ralph Macchio.

    Greyval eventually regained his wits and -- aided by Balder, Agnar (king of the Eagles), and Oddbrand Otter -- retrieved the Banner and sped to the battlefield for the next struggle between the Asgardians and their enemies. Again the gods one, and Greyval perished in the conflict.
    Greyval's bride, the Valkyrie Sygnet, entrusted Balder with the Raven Banner until the day her son, conceived on her recent wedding night with Greyval, would be old enough to hold it.

Profile by Snood.

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Marvel Graphic Novel #15: The Raven Banner - p1, panel 3 (face close up)
        p2 - full body profile
        p30, panel 2 - face in full color

Marvel Graphic Novel #15: The Raven Banner (1985) - Alan Zenetz (writer), Charles Vess (artist), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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