Real Name: D'Von Kray

Identity/Class: Extretemporal (Earth-4935) human mutant (further mutated) technology user (see comments)

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: New Canaanites

Affiliations: Department H (their clever scientists)

Enemies: Cable, Department H (including James MacDonald Hudson, Wolverine, etc.), Franklin Rhodes

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in North America on Earth-616;
formerly Mobile on Earth-4935

First Appearance: Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory (October, 1999)

Powers/Abilities: D'Von Kray was a heavily armored warrior from the future. He consisted of artificial and organic parts. He possessed infrared vision, superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes and durability. Due to an internal tracking device he was able to find any person on a planet whose genetic pattern was stored in his memory banks. The weaponry from his alternate future was built-in including a plasma gun that was part of his right arm. In the 20th century some of his weapons were replaced by Department H with weapons from the 20th century. Additions to his arsenal included guns with explosive rounds, automatic guns and other weapons. Department H also affixed twin VTOL rockets to Kray's back to make him airborne. Additionally they made him invisible to radars with an internal jammer and injected a homing tracer into his spinal fluid in case he went AWOL.


(Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory (fb) ) - Two millennia in the future on Earth-4935 D'Von Kray was a Canaanite warrior. One day his squad was killed by Cable.

  After Cable had left that era Kray participated in an experiment and followed Cable into the past of Earth-616 after receiving a few genetic alterations. The bounty on Cable's head meant nothing to him. He only cared about the Blood Rite that demanded the death of the murderer of Kray's squad.

(Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory) - During the temporal displacement Kray lost the memory of his mission. He arrived in Moose Jaw, Canada and attacked everything in his path. Some cops shot him, but their weapons were useless against Kray. The Canadian government sent in Wolverine to deal with the threat and he was able to subdue Kray by tossing him into electrical wires that electrocuted Kray.

  Department H took Kray to one of their science facilities where they examined Kray and his futuristic weaponry. The scientists saw the technology and Kray more as an opportunity than a threat. James MacDonald Hudson even thought about turning Kray into a recruit for the new Alpha Flight program. Wolverine didn't like the idea.

  One week later it was decided to reactivate Kray for field tests although even Hudson was against it after reading a hypothesis that Kray came from the future.

  That night Kray was unattended when his brain went active again. He remembered his mission to kill Cable and broke out of the laboratory. On his way out he killed various people. Outside he used his internal tracking devices to find Cable's genetic pattern. He found him and flew with his new twin rockets to New York City where he found Cable with his new buddy Rhodes. Kray started his first assault from the sky, but Cable saw it coming. Kray then went to the ground and continued his attacks with explosive rounds. Cable and Rhodes hid from Kray, but Kray found them and told Cable why he was going to kill him. Wolverine came to Cable's aid and together with Rhodes they fought Kray. During the fight Rhodes was shot, but after a telekinetic blast from Cable, Wolverine was able to decapitate Kray with his claws.

(Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory - BTS) - Later the authorities picked up the remains of D'Von Kray.

Comments: Created by Joe Casey (writer), Stephen Platt (pencils) and several inkers.

I suppose D'Von Kray was his real name, but it could also be that it wasn't.

This story should be placed after Cable II#-1 and shortly before Vulture's next chronological appearance in Amazing Spider-Man I#2. This one-shot also marks Cable's first meeting with Wolverine, but they didn't become friends in this story.

VTOL is an abbreviation for Vertical Take-Off and Landing.

Although there is no known connection between Franklin Rhodes and Stark's buddy James Rhodes it would be funny if there was one.

Given the info based on the general mindset of the citizens of Earth-4935, as stated in such books as Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix#1-4, Askani'son#1-4 and Cable II#6-8, I doubt D'Von Kray was ever born a human since humans were quite despised in his era. His story also seems quite a bit like Sinsear's. Although I admittedly haven't yet read the actual story on him, unless he was a very powerful mutant from the start, it's very clear he wouldn't be in the Canannite army.
--R Lewis

Profile by Markus Raymond.

D'Von Kray has no known connection to:

Franklin Rhodes has no known connection to:

Franklin Rhodes

(Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory (fb) ) - Franklin Rhodes was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and participated in many black ops operations. None of these missions were officially recorded, but they still happened to settle ethnic disputes and save democracy somewhere in the world. After 8 years everything became too much for Rhodes and he quit S.H.I.E.L.D.

(Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory (fb) - BTS) - Rhodes became a security guard at the jewelry exchange in New York City.

(Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory) - The Vulture robbed the jewelry exchange, but when the alarm was activated it became a hostage situation. After Vulture escaped and his bomb exploded, Rhodes searched for the man he had heard fighting the villain and found Cable buried inside the jewelry exchange. Rhodes took Cable to the outside and covered up his metallic arm before the medics took care of Cable. Cable didn't want to be taken to a hospital.

  Rhodes took Cable to his gun shop in Queens and told him that his work as security guard was just a part-time job. Rhodes explained to Cable that he didn't sell the guns, but that he was buying and collecting them to keep them off the street. He led Cable upstairs where he lived and they both drank a beer.

  Rhodes tried to buy a rifle from an old geezer, who had a hard time giving it away. Meanwhile Cable watched TV and when Rhodes began another conversation with a beer after telling Cable that his barber did a good job on Cable's hair. During the conversation Cable asked Rhodes about his time with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Rhodes told him everything about that time of his life and realized that Cable knew much about war.

  Days later Rhodes and Cable hung around in a bar with veterans. When Cable went to the toilet one of the veterans told Rhodes that Cable was weird. Rhodes followed Cable and they left because both had enough for that night. They stumbled back to Rhodes place, but before they reached it they were attacked by D'Von Kray. Cable pushed Rhodes out of the way and then they ran back to Rhodes shop, but Kray found them. They retreated to the shop's back room. From there Rhodes took two pistols to shoot Kray, but the bullets just ricocheted off of Kray's armor. Kray then turned around and shot Rhodes. After the fight was over Rhodes died in Cable's arms.

  Franklin Rhodes was buried at a cemetery in Salem Center, New York.

--Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory (W/C: Guts & Glory (fb), W/C: Guts & Glory (fb) - BTS, W/C: Guts & Glory

images: (without ads)
Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory, p14, pan3 (main image)

p17, pan1 (head shot)
p26, pan5 (Franklin Rhodes)

Wolverine/Cable: Guts & Glory (October, 1999) - Joe Casey (writer), Stephen Platt (pencils), Batt, Lary Stucker, Bob Wiacek, Mark Pennington, Johnny Greene, Scott Koblish & Rod Ramos (inks), Mark Powers (editor)

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