Bokk unchained


Real Name: Bokk

Identity/Class: Giant gorilla (Post-World War II era)

Occupation: Circus sideshow attraction;

formerly would-be god

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None;

formerly Winterfield & Grimes circus;
formerly Chevante Indians (Brazil)

Enemies: Sun Girl, New York citizens, U.S. police & fire deparments, U.S. armed forces

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Beast

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the U.S.A. as part of the Winterfield & Grimes circus

formerly jungles of Brazil

First Appearance: Sun Girl#3 (December, 1948)

Powers/Abilities: Bokk was 30 feet tall and weighed almost 15 tons. He possessed superhuman strength and endurance, and displayed animal cunning and savagery. Bokk flew into a rage whenever he saw blonde-haired women, believing them to be the albino daughter of the Chavante tribal Chief. Like many gorillas, Bokk was covered in black hair, and had limited intelligence and sharp incisors.

Bokk in the jungle


(Sun Girl#3 (fb) - BTS) - Deep in the jungles of Brazil, Bokk was worshipped as a god by a tribe of Chevante headhunters. The Chevante chief's albino daughter served him daily with offerings of food. The giant gorilla grew very fond of her and the gorilla took it upon himself to be her appointed protector. An undefined amount of time later, Bokk was discovered and captured by explorers, then sold to the Winterfield & Grimes circus in America to be displayed as a sideshow attraction. Bokk, being of low intelligence, flew into a rage when he saw any woman with blonde hair, thinking them to be the Chevante albino girl he loved and protected. Because of this, Bokk had to be housed in a giant reinforced steel cage with blue tinted glass so he would not go berserk. The glass would allow Bokk to see things as green only.

(Sun Girl#3) - A crane hoisting his cage on a New York City dock snapped and sent him crashing to the ground. Stunned and dazed, Bokk smashed through the cage after spotting the nearby Sun Girl who was there to view the great beast as it was being loaded from the ship. In a rage, it ran amok in the docks district, almost trampling a small child. The local police and fire departments responded to the destruction and used waterhoses to force Bokk onto a nearby freeway overpass. In anger, Bokk picked up a nearby gasoline truck and threw it toward the gathering policemen. The truck exploded and burst into flames, igniting the docks. As the flames raged out of control, Bokk was attacked by a several Navy Corsairs from the nearby Floyd Bennett airbase. Wounded, the giant ape escaped and hid under an overpass till the planes broke off their attack and headed for home. During the night, most of the city fled in panic while the creature roamed the city before finally ending up sleeping on a hotel marquis.

Bokk amok!

The next day, Sun Girl approached Bokk with a truckload of poisoned food and convinced him to eat it. Wracked with pain from the poison, Bokk grabbed Sun Girl and began to rampage once again. Bokk eventually fell head first into the Times building as the poison took effect and he died.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (?) (writer), Pauline Loth (?) (pencils) (possibly Jack Kirby?) & unnamed inker.

Bokk was more than likely a cross between King Kong and Mighty Joe Young, which were well-known monsters from the movies and popular fiction of the time.

I was hoping by the end of the story that Bokk would be returned back to Brazil as his death was, in my opinion, unnecessary and unusually harsh. Maybe somewhere in the jungles of Brazil, there still exist members of his species.

The poison used was a special weapon that the U.S. Army was testing in the hope of using it as a weapon during WWII and they wished to use it on Bokk to field test its effects.

I wonder if Book, Monstro and Agu the Giant (from Lorna the Jungle Queen#1 (June, 1953) could've been part of a race of Giant Gorillas. There is also a Giant Ape in Lorna The Jungle Queen#9 (September, 1954) and in "The Terror Of The White Fang" (Lorna The Jungle Girl#10 (November, 1954) ) might be another appearance of Agu the Giant--unless it's one of those Splash Pages that makes normal size characters giants on the first page only.

Profile by AvatarWarlord72.

Bokk has no known connections to:

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Sun Girl#3, p4, panel 3 (unchained)

p3, panel 6 (in jungle)
p5, panel 2 (amok)

Sun Girl#3 (December, 1948)

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