of Earth-1032 full body

Real Name:  Unknown

Identity/Class:  Presumably extratemporal human (Earth-1032) mutant

Occupation:  Protector of mutants

Group Membership:  None

Affiliations:  The mutant race in general

Enemies:  Humans who would seek to harm mutants, the Pakistani army

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  None

Base of Operations:  Mobile

First Appearance:  X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 (January, 2002)

Powers/Abilities:  X-Man had vast telekinetic abilities, able to stop tank shells with a thought. He presumably also had telepathy.

History:  (X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 - "X-Man: Live from Pakistan") - Trish Tilby reported from Islamabad, Pakistan, on the standoff between X-Man and the Pakistani army. The X-Man announced that he was not Nate Grey and explained that while he did not care if humans blew themselves up, he would not allow their violence to harm a single mutant. He then warned the Pakistanis to behave or he would be back to ensure the safety of mutants. As the X-Man turned to leave, the Pakistanis fired a shell at him, which the X-Man easily froze in the air with telekinesis. He then turned to retaliate, at which point Trish Tilby's transmission ended.

Comments: Created by Bill Rosemann and Quique Alcatena.

Profile by Proto-Man


X-Man (Millennial Visions 2001) should not be confused with:

X-Men Millennial Visions 2001, p18, splash page (Main Pic)

X-Men Millennial Visions 2001 (January, 2002) - "X-Man: Live from Pakistan" - Bill Rosemann (text), Quique Alcatena (art)

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