Real Name: Warren Worth

Identity/Class: Human (Old West era)

Occupation: Cavalry officer

Group Membership: United States Cavalry

Affiliations: Reverend Graves

Enemies: Grey Fox, Reno Jones, Kid Cassidy

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Fort Mitchell, the American west

First Appearance: Gunhawks#3 (February, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Captain Warren Worth was an experienced cavalry leader and horseback rider. He wielded a pistol and a sword.

History: (Gunhawks#3) - Captain Worth led the cavalry towards Medicine Creek to assault a Cheyenne village there. Along the way, they met Reno Jones and Kid Cassidy, and arrested them under suspicion of selling rifles to the Cheyenne. Worth led his men in a massacre of the village, burning it to the ground and killing most the population. The surviving Cheyenne were taken prisoner, along with Reno Jones who had tried to warn the villagers. When Reno suggested that Worth should kill him because he might tell people what had happened, Worth replied: "I hope you do, for this is a glorious day in our nation's history!" Worth led their captives back to Fort Mitchell to be placed in jail.

(Gunhawks#4) - Worth decided to let Reno go free on the condition that he left the territory immediately, and told him that Cassidy had been seen with Grey Fox's party nearby.

(Gunhawks#5) - Worth led the cavalry out to assault Grey Fox, and was advised along the way by Reverend Graves that Grey Fox and his men were unarmed. Arriving at Grey Fox's camp, Worth proceeded to destroy them all, although Grey Fox himself escaped.

(Gunhawks#6) - Worth watched as Reno Jones drew on Kid Cassidy, blaming him for letting his lover Rachel Brown escape. Reno took a shot at Cassidy but missed on purpose, but at the same time Grey Fox attempted to snipe Captain Worth, only for Rachel to throw off his aim so that he hit Cassidy instead. Worth accused Reno of Cassidy's murder, even though one of his men had seen Grey Fox take the shot. Worth irrationally refused to believe his own man, insisting that Reno be hunted down and killed.

(Gunhawk#7) - Worth continued to pursue Reno with the cavalry into Cayuse, New Mexico, but lost his trail.

Comments: Created by Gary Friedrich, Dick Ayers and Jack Abel.

Worth is sometimes referred to as a Major.

Why Worth ever let Reno out of Fort Mitchell is beyond me. He seemed intent on having him hung for treason in #3, but then declared he had "nothing" on him. Huh? If the writer needed Reno to get out of prison, why not just have him escape. That might have been more believeable, but Gunhawks was a series that had...difficulty being believeable.

The American Civil War ended in 1865, and Gunhawks#1 opened one year later, so the events of the Gunhawks series would be set in 1866-1867.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Gunhawks#3, cover
Gunhawks#6, page 11, panel 2

Gunhawks#4-6 (April-August, 1973)
Gunhawk#7 (October, 1973)

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