Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Presumably human

Occupation: Hired thug

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: The Trapster

Enemies: Captain America, Nick Fury

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Trapster's secret hideout

First Appearance: Hostess Fruit Pies ad "Fury Unleashed!", published in Micronauts I#25 (January, 1981) and other Marvel books from that month. 

Powers/Abilities: The Trapster's Goon was of greater than average size and strength, but he displayed no special abilities; he also seemed to be of below-average intelligence.

History: Captain America burst into the Trapster's lair when he came upon his old friend Nick Fury being choked by the Trapster's goon.  As the Trapster himself monitored the events on a TV screen, Captain America put a couple handfuls of Hostess Fruit Pies on his shield and threw it at the humongous ignoramus.  The brainless behemoth released Fury and enjoyed the tender crust and real fruit filling of the tasty treat, while Cap and Nick made their escape.  The Trapster begrugingly admitted he admired Captain America for being as smart as he was strong.   

Comments: Created by an unknown writer and an unknown artist

The Trapster's Goon looks a little like Quasar the Future Man; possible connection?

How do I know that the Trapster's goon had below-normal intelligence?  Well, he's the lackey to a guy whose main weapon is a gun that shoots PASTE.  'Nuff said.

Of all the Hostess villains, only Icemaster has shown up in an Earth-616 title. He could have crossed over to Earth-616 from "Earth-Hostess, " but I say leave them on Earth-616 until proven otherwise. Nonetheless, until they do show up in regular continuity, they remain outside regular canon. Surely someone will write a story teaming them all together--Snood.

This is not true anymore as some Hostess ad villains were mentioned in the Fantastic Four Encyclopedia as natives of Earth-616. And lets not forget about Printout Man in the New Avengers Most Wanted Files.

Profile by John Kaminski


The Trapster's Goon has no known connection to: 

"Fury Unleashed!", pan2

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