Real Name: Thakos

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Atlantean/Homo mermani)

Occupation: Atlantean government representative for the Council of Warlords;
    former Atlantean military

Group Membership: Council of Three (Maddox, Vashti), Council of Warlords

Affiliations: Dara, Ikthon, Jakka, Llyra, Llyron, Seth, Shakkoth, Sub-Mariner

Enemies: Dragonrider, Mist-Men of Sargasso Sea, Proteus, Tamara Rahn, Tiger Shark, Jacqueline Trufaut

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Atlantis

First Appearance: Sub-Mariner I#16 (August, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Thakos has no known powers outside those of a typical Atlantean: superhuman strength and durability, and the ability to breathe and operate underwater.  He is proficient in the use of certain weapons and is an able Atlantean warlord.

History: (Sub-Mariner I#16 (fb)) - Thakos and a group of Atlantean military men were sent on an undisclosed mission in an Atlantean warship.  When they came upon the stormy Sea of Sargasso, they were surprised to see hundreds of glowing eels in the water.  They then glimpsed the seeming ghost of a pirate coming at their ship, followed by a sight of the villainous Tiger Shark enmeshed in seaweed.  The ship breeched the surface in an attempt to escape and saw ghostly vision of several ships just before their ship was shot down.  Thakos's crew was killed leaving Thakos the only survivor.

(Sub-Mariner I#16) - Having returned to Atlantis, Thakos begged an audience of the Sub-Mariner.  When Thakos mentioned the eels, Vashti recommended that Thakos be given a private audience before Namor, Vashti, and Ikthon only.  Thakos recounted the events with shame, claiming he couldn't be a true warrior to have such a failure.  Namor encouraged Thakos before sending him away.

(Sub-Mariner II#1) - After Namor participated in a traditional tournament that proved his worthiness to lead to the people, he was advised by Thakos, Shakkoth, and Vashti of the Council of Three in matters of state.  Thakos reminded Namor to compensate the soldiers he had fought against before Namor silenced him in frustration.  He sought to leave Atlantis on a quest, and took Dara's entrance as an opportunity to go the surface and address the United Nations in Dara's place.  When reminded of rebellion on Atlantis's borders, Namor assumed that Warlord Jakka had handled the challenge.  While Namor was gone, Dragonrider, astride a great undersea dragon, devastated the city of Atlantis, leaving it in ruins and many devastated.

(Sub-Mariner II#2) - Namor returned and walked with the Council of Three through the city, viewing the devastation.  Dara confronted Namor, stating that Namor was to blame.  The Council of Three watched as Namor questioned Dragonrider (whom he'd captured) violently.  He had Dragonrider taken to the dungeons in spite of Thakos's suggestion to question her further.  In time, the Council confronted Namor about his absence, and he admitted his fault.  When Jakka (secretly Proteus in disguise) returned from the outer realms, the Council and Jakka sat with Namor for hours researching the outer lands.  In time,  Namor agreed to investigate the lands himself.  The Council watched as Jacqueline Trufaut contacted Namor from the surface with news of the person behind Dragonrider's attack, but Namor chose to stay and deal with things in the outer realm.  When Namor failed to report in at the appointed time, Thakos led an army to Amphitrite to rescue him.  Namor had defeated Proteus, and he stopped Thakos's men from battling with the rebels.  Back in Atlantis, Namor commended Thakos for his good works.  Vashti informed Namor that Jacqueline Trufaut had been kidnapped.

(Sub-Mariner II#3 (fb)) - When Namor prepared to rush off to the surface to rescue Jacqueline Trufaut from kidnappers, Dara and the Council of Three told Namor that he needed to remain or there would be dire consequences.  Namor shoved them aside, accusing them of treason.

(Sub-Mariner II#3) - The Council held an Atlantean court that decided Namor was no longer fit to rule Atlantis.

(Sub-Mariner II#4) - The Council of Elders met to discuss their decision, and Thakos stated that their biggest challenge was finding someone to tell Namor of their decision.  Dara volunteered to do so.  

(Namor I#55) - While Thakos debated with Vashti and Maddox over surface world relations, Seth interrupted the debate with news of Llyra being captured.  Llyra approached the Council of Three with Llyron, who she claimed was the son of Namor and thus the heir to the throne of Atlantis.  While the Council was still reacting to this news, they received word that Tiger Shark and Tamara Rahn were approaching the gates.  Thakos, thinking Llyra behind the attack, threatened her, then marshaled his forces to attack Tiger Shark, ignoring Vashti's reminder that Tiger Shark had been a recent ally of Atlantis.  After Llyron and Llyra defeated Tiger Shark and Tamara Rahn, they strung them up on a fence outside the city to Thakos' approval.  Thakos then watched a battle between Namor and Llyron that leveled part of Atlantis.  Namor took the unconscious forms of Tiger Shark and Tamara Rahn and departed.

(Namor I#56) - Thakos donned insulated gloves and a blade in order to cut through communication cables that the surface world had through their area.  He explained to Llyra and Llyron that this act would cut halves of the surface world off from each other.  He acknowledged Llyron as Atlantis's new heir.

(Namor I#62 - BTS) - A guard that had aided Namor rushed back to his post, fearing that Thakos would discover his absence.  Atlantis was later raised to the surface by Morgan le Fay.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Marie Severin, and Joe Gaudioso.

    Thakos likely has numerous BTS appearances when Atlantis has appeared, but this profile makes no effort to speculate on those.

    Doesn't Thakos wear pretty hats?

Profile by Chadman


Thakos has no known connections to

Namor I#46, p2, pan1
Sub-Mariner II#2, p21, pan6

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