Real Name: Lou Snider

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Police detective

Group Membership: NYPD

Affiliations: Spider-Man, Arthur Stacy, Sgt. Tork

Enemies: A.R.E.S., Belladonna, Deathstorm, the Maggia, Prowler (Cat in disguise), Smuggler (Erik Josten)
has a professional rivalry with Lt. Kris Keating

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: 28th precinct, New York

First Appearance: Spectacular Spider-Man II#47 (October, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Lou Snider was a skilled police detective who was devoted to the law, but would still assist Spider-Man. Snider carried a pistol.

History: (Spectacular Spider-Man II#47) - Snider met photographer Peter Parker as he investigated a break-in at the apartment of Desiree Vaughn-Pope. Snider suspected that Spider-Man was the culprit because the person in question had climbed the side of the building, and was convinced when his men found a package of webbing Peter had left there himself. However, the true culprit was the Cat, wearing the gear of the Prowler.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#48) - Snider arrived on the scene after Spider-Man had captured the Prowler, and demanded that Spider-Man come with him to make a statement, but Spider-Man refused. Later, the Prowler escaped police custody and went after his employer Belladonna for revenge, but Spider-Man captured them all and left them for Snider.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#54) - Snider helped pursue an ambulance carrying the Smuggler, but when he arrived on the scene, found only Spider-Man present. Spider-Man went back to the station with Snider to give him a statement, and Snider showed Spider-Man the police's file on the Smuggler. He revealed that Lt. Keating had convinced the Smuggler to testify against the Maggia, but the Maggia had kidnapped the Smuggler back. Keating burst in on Spider-Man and Snider and demanded that Snider arrest Spider-Man, but Snider refused. As they argued, Spider-Man ducked out the window, making Snider all the more annoyed with Keating.

After Spider-Man rescued the Smuggler from a boatload of Maggia, Snider helped them to shore, but the passengers of the ship all claimed that he had endangered the ship. Snider was about to arrest Spider-Man, when Spider-Man opened a "doggie bag" one passenger was holding that contained drugs. This gave Snider what he needed to conduct a search of the ship, and they began an arrest of the Maggia.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#245) - Spider-Man came to see Snider in an attempt to see his file on Lefty Donovan. Snider replied that it would cost him his badge if he showed him the file, then slammed it down on the desk in front of him. Snider then left the room, saying he had "something in his eye." Spider-Man started to read the file, but Snider soon came running back in with word that the Hobgoblin (actually "Lefty" Donovan) had challenged him to a fight in Times Square.

(Solo#1 (fb) - BTS) - Snider was caught in the crossfire of a drug dispute, which left him out of commission for a few months.

(Solo#1) - Back on duty, Snider met up with Spider-Man after the terrorist organization A.R.E.S. had attacked the U.N. Later, he attended a U.N. press conference which was attacked by A.R.E.S. Solo appeared to fight them, but during the battle A.R.E.S. agent Deathstorm shot Snider in the back.

(Solo#2) - As Snider lay comatose in a hospital, Solo came to visit him to vow he would bring Deathstorm to justice. Spider-Man confronted Solo, blaming him for how the fight had spun out of control, but Solo escaped him.

(Solo#4) - Not long after Snider awoke, Spider-Man told him that he had brought Solo into custody, but word soon came that Solo had already broken out.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#418) - Snider and Sgt. Tork were fighting over who had earned the last donut in their box, when they were introduced to Arthur Stacy, who revealed that he had come back to America to bring Spider-Man to justice for murdering his brother, George Stacy.

(Peter Parker: Spider-Man I#75) - Arthur Stacy met with Snider and Tork at a bar and told them that he suspected Spider-Man was a murderer because he had recently stolen a skeleton from a smokestack.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#260) - Spider-Man came to see Snider to ask for the location of Daniel Kingsley, the Hobgoblin's brother, who was under police protection. Snider refused at first, but when the Hobgoblin attacked the location, he gave in.

Comments: Created by Roger Stern, Marie Severin and Bruce Patterson.

by Prime Eternal

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