Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Undead humanoid creature (see comments)

Occupation: Prophet, singer, poet

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Whoever was listening to him (the title's readers?)

EnemiesAncient, and presumably other vampires (they feared his prophecies)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Old Devil

Base of Operations: Mobile on Earth-616

First Appearance: Blade: Vampire Hunter II#½ (1999)

Powers/Abilities: Scribe was an undead creature of unknown origins (presumably eons ago because the Ancient Saracen knew and hated him). His mouth, ears and eyes were sewn shut. Somehow he was still able to see the things he had to chronicle. On each foot he only possessed two toes and his warped, boneless body seemed rotten. The Scribe told stories through the rotting heads (vampire heads) he fixed on his twisted violin. He presumably possessed telepathy or other psychic powers that allowed him to see the things he was doomed to record. He was somehow also able to see into the future and divergent realities. For as long as he existed his prophecies caused vampires to shiver in fear.


(Blade: Vampire Hunter II½ (fb) - BTS) - Since an unknown point in the past Scribe was doomed to wander the land to record everything that involved vampires and those who would hunt them.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#½) - Scribe told the story of how Blade saved two boys from the White Worm, of White Worm's return and a possible future in which one of the boys became Blade's partner Bloodsbane.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - Scribe killed Maracen and sent his head to the Ancient Saracen.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1/1) - Scribe talked about Blade's history and how he became a Daywalker. He introduced Silvereye, the Ancient, the vampires that were after Blade and then talked about Blade's fight against them.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1/2) - Scribe told us how Silvereye's Blackeye 1 was breached, how one of their agents on the graveyard was killed by vampires in their midst and how fearless Blade suddenly disappeared on the graveyard.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#2) - He continued to talk about Blade, who was pulled into a grave. After introducing himself he talked about all the participants in his current stories. Afterwards he returned to talk about Blade and his allies beneath the graveyard and then changed topic to Saracen and the summoning of Reaper. After he was finished with that he began to talk about the twins' second attempt to get Blade from Silvereye's Blackeye 1 HQ. Then he mentioned the secret leader of Silvereye, who was on his way to Washington D.C.: Darius Venginian. Back to the cemetery he talked about Blade's return to the surface. The death of several Silvereye agents by the hands of Purebloods, the Ancient and Reaper in Italy wasn't missed by him either. His story then followed the twins again on their search for Blade on Blackeye 1.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#3) - The prophet talked about how Silvereye turned Blade into their pawn and how his former allies Mikado and Mosha were no match for him. In a mysterious epilogue Scribe talked about the arrival of the Dark One (confirmed by Bart Sears to be Deacon Frost) in a bus in a desert.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#4) - Scribe mourned all living for Blade was now a vampire that lusted for blood, but not for long because Blade soon remembered his real past and his arch nemesis Deacon Frost. In another epilogue Scribe followed the Dark One: "Woe to the winds of the Earth...woe to our killer (Blade)."

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#5) - Woe to all the current participants in Scribe's story. In his story Scribe talked about the evacuation of Blackeye 1.

(Blade: Vampire Hunter II#6) - Woe for everyone again except for the Reaper, who brought woe to others. Scribe mentioned the coming doom of Jersey City as Blackeye 1 was going to crash on it and the man responsible was Commander Spencer under Venginian's control. He didn't forget to mention that in the end the death of thousands was prevented by Blade when he crashed Blackeye 1 on a graveyard and that he survived to destroy the Reaper, who tried to escape from the morning sun into the ground. In the end nothing more had to be said than woe as Darius Venginian got away in his plane. In the last epilogue Scribe chronicled the arrival of the Dark One in a laboratory that was somewhere hidden in a desert.

Comments: Created by Bart Sears (writer/pencils), Audwyn Newman (design) & Bill Sienkieiwcz (inks).

This series occurred after Blade was bitten by Morbius in Peter Parker: Spider-Man II#8.

If somebody is surprised to see Audwyn Newman as one of the creators I have a logical explanation for them. In Blade: Vampire Hunter II#½ Sears explained that Newman helped with the design of Scribe. In this issue the first sketches of Scribe were seen.

Scribe really liked to say "Woe" a lot. He was the narrator of this title and he was clearly talking to the readers. If we try to explain his babbling without breaking the 4th Wall we could probably go into the same direction as we did with She-Hulk breaking the 4th wall in Sensational She-Hulk. We just assume that Scribe was talking to Earth's Watcher or maybe he told the story to someone we just didn't see.

I don't know what Scribe originally was. A demon? An alien? A member of a two toed human sub-species? He was an undead for sure, but if this makes him a vampire is another question. Isn't a zombie undead too? And who was behind his curse that doomed him to wander Earth to record vampire deeds. Maybe he was one of the Ancient that got discharged from them. So many questions! Woe to me! Much woe!

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Scribe has no known connection to:

images: (without ads)
Blade: Vampire Hunter II#2, p4, right side (main image)

#6, p1, center panel (head shot)

Other Appearances:
Blade: Vampire Hunter II#1 (December, 1999) - Bart Sears (writer/pencils), Raymond Krissing & Andy Smith (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Blade: Vampire Hunter II#2-4 (January-March, 2000) - Bart Sears (writer/pencils), Andy Smith (#4) & Bill Sieniwicz (#3) (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Blade: Vampire Hunter II#5-6 (April-May, 2000) - Bart Sears (writer), Andy Smith (pencils), John Beatty, Bob McLeod & Andy Smith (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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