Real Name: Erik Nicieza

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Homeless man, Deadpool's "Biographer"

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Sandi Brandenburg, Deadpool, Rhino, Taskmaster

Enemies: Black Swan, Nijo

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: DP Inc. Headquarters

First Appearance: Deadpool III#65 (May, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Ratbag has no superhuman powers and, until he was cured by the Black Swan had severely limited cognitive abilities, not even being able to carry out a conversation, instead everything he said was a non sequitur.

History: (Deadpool III#65) - Having somehow found his way into the DP Inc. headquarters, the homeless man was given a job application on which he repeatedly wrote the word "Ratbag". This impressed Deadpool who immediately hired him as his biographer. Soon Deadpool got a call to kill someone in Germany and decided to bring Ratbag with him. As Wade entered a castle to do his job, not realizing he was being set up by the Black Swan, he had Ratbag wait outside. When the Swan had Deadpool's broken and unconscious body brought back to D.P. Inc. he brought Ratbag as well.

(Deadpool III#66) - Ratbag and Sandi helped keep Wade's bones in place while they healed.

(Deadpool III#67) - Wade, Sandi and Ratbag celebrated Wade's newly acquired million dollars. Then, as Sandi and Ratbag cleaned up the trashed DP Inc. offices Ratbag showed Sandi a bad of peanuts from the flight to Germany so that she would know that Wade's escalating mental problems were caused in Germany.

(Deadpool III#68) - Ratbag concentrated very hard to let Deadpool know that Sandi was in the hospital. Later he (now clean-shaven) and Deadpool returned to Swan's castle in Germany. Deadpool fought his way to the Swan and forced him to use his powers on Ratbag, in a beneficial way. Black Swan wasn't sure if it would work, but it did and Deadpool told the cured Ratbag to leave the castle. Now able to remember his whole life, Erik called Sandi and told her that Deadpool was not coming back.

(Deadpool III#69) - Ratbag, Wade and Taskmaster visited Sandi in the hospital.

(Deadpool V#27/10 (fb) ) - Ratbag attended the wedding of Deadpool and Outlaw.

Comments: Created by Gail Simone and Udon Studios (Alvin Lee, Rob Ross, Eric Vedder, A-Zero, TR2).

Ratbag received his last name in Black Swan's profile in Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul.

Patrick by Patrick D Ryall

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Images taken from:
Deadpool III#65, page 17, panel 6
Deadpool III#69, page28, panel 2

Deadpool III#65-69 (May-September, 2002) - Gail Simone (writer), Udon (artists), Mike Marts (editor)
Deadpool V#27 (June, 2014) - Gail Simone (writer), Alvin Lee (artist), Jordan D. White (editor)

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