Membership: Bogatin, Leonid, Viktor, others

Purpose: To sell off Soviet military hardware to the highest bidder

Affiliations: A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics)

Enemies: Abomination, Avengers (Captain America, Crystal, Hercules, Quicksilver, Thunderstrike, Vision), Deep Six (Andromeda, Tamara Rahn, Stingray, Sub-Mariner, Tiger Shark, Triton), Nadia Dornova

Base of Operations: Variable

First Appearance: Namor I#58 (January, 1995)

History: (Namor I#59 (fb)) - Former KGB operative, Bogatin, contacted other KGB operatives in the west after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and put together the Organizatsiya, a 'black market ring to peddle Russia's latest military hardware... including its nuclear stockpiles.' 

(Namor I#59 (fb) - BTS) - Advanced Idea Mechanics hired the Organizatsiya to supply nuclear reactors for each of the artificial islands they were constructing.  At the island in the Caribbean, Bogatin arranged to sabotage a Soviet submarine, the Sverdlovsk, and then give it to A.I.M.  The task malfunctioned, however, as the submarine was carrying plutonium.  Realizing that they would need an operative who could withstand high amounts of radiation to make the mission successful, Bogatin decided to recruit the Abomination against his will. 

(Namor I#58) - Members of the Organizatsiya kidnapped Nadia Dornova, the estranged wife of the Abomination, from her Broadway play in New York.  Meanwhile, in the Hellencian Trench aboard their ship, Viktor and Bogatin looked over the Sverdlovsk and measured its radiation.  They planned to transport the sub back to A.I.M. Island, but noticed a figure approaching and so cloaked their ship.  The figure, Namor, investigated the Sverdlovsk and when he exited, the Organizatsiya planned to kill him, but the arrival of the Avengers stopped them.  The Avengers battled Namor for a separate offense.  Seeing so many super-powered foes, Viktor contacted Leonid and his ally in New York and had them enter the sewers to find the Abomination. They did so, letting the monster know they'd kidnapped his wife, and the Abomination agreed to go with them.  Undersea, Namor was joined by his allies, Deep Six, and the two teams battled.  After the battle ended, only Namor, Andromeda, Stingray, and Triton did not depart, and the Abomination moved to attack them because they were in the way of the Sverdlovsk.

(Namor I#59) - Abomination quickly defeated Triton and Andromeda, and Stingray swam off to investigate the cloaked submarine.  Using an electromagnetic pulse relay, Bogatin and Viktor disabled Stingray's armor and took him captive, placing him with Nadia in the hold.  Namor almost defeated the Abomination, but the Organizatsiya threatened Stingray's life unless Namor helped the Abomination.  When Andromeda accidentally pierced the side of the sub, a deadly fine precision spray of water exploded in the ship with the force of a laser.  Stingray blocked it with a pipe, but Viktor, investigating, removed the pipe and was killed by the water.  Stingray escaped, and Bogatin rushed to the escape pod.  Triton was aboard the Sverdlovsk when it exploded, wiping out the island, though Triton survived.  When Bogatin arrived on Brighton Beach, where all the Organizatsiya members were supposed to meet, he found the beach covered in bodies and the Abomination standing among them.  Bogatin was apparently killed.

Comments: Created by Glenn Herdling and Geof Isherwood.

Profile by Chadman.


Organizatsyia has no known connections to


(Namor I#59 (fb)) - Bogatin was a KGB operative assigned with Emil Blonsky to infiltrate the American Gamma base, where Bruce Banner had harnessed gamma radiation.  When Blonsky disappeared, Bogatin was recalled.  He eventually determined that Blonsky had become the gamma-powered Abomination, who he kept tabs on.  When the Soviet Union dissolved, Bogatin went his own way and moved to the west, where he created the Organizatsiya with other KGB operatives.  On one mission, A.I.M. hired the Organizatsiya to supply their artificial islands with nuclear reactors.  When the mission with the Sverdlovsk went wrong, Bogatin arranged to recruit the Abomination against his will.

(Namor I#58) - Bogatin and Viktor were required to cloak their ship when many superhumans ended up battling around the Sverdlovsk.  Bogatin ordered Leonid to recruit the Abomination after Nadia was kidnapped. 

(Namor I#59) - Bogatin recounted his origins to Viktor, then saw Stingray captured.  After getting Namor to help them, Bogatin realized Viktor was killed and Stingray free.  He barely made it to the escape pod, driving past Andromeda on his way out.  When he returned to Brighton Beach to meet his team, Bogatin saw their bodies on the beach, and was then presumably killed by the Abomination.

--Namor I#58 (Namor I#59 (fb), 58-59


(Namor I#58) - A member of the Organizatsiya, Viktor and Bogatin were required to cloak their ship when several superheroes gathered around the Sverdlovsk, the object of an Organizatsiya mission.  Viktor carried out Bogatin's orders.

(Namor I#59) - Viktor listened to Bogatin recount the Organizatsiya's origins, then helped capture Stingray.  Investigating a noise by the prisoners, Viktor pulled an unfamiliar pipe from the wall and was killed by a high precision blast of water.

--Namor I#58 (Namor I#59


(Namor I#58) - A member of the Organizatsiya, Leonid was sent to the New York sewers to find the Abomination.  Leonid used a Geiger tracker to find the monster, then showed him a picture of his kidnapped estranged wife to recruit him.

--Namor I#58

Namor I#58, p12, pan1 (group)
Namor I#59, p7, pan1 (Bogatin)
Namor I#59, p7, pan1 (Viktor)
Namor I#58, p11, pan3 (Leonid)

Other Appearances:
Namor I#58-59 (January-February, 1995) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Geof Isherwood (penciler/inker), Mike Rockwitz (editor)

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