Real Name: Sophia Ilyitch Kharkov

Identity/Class: Normal human; Russian citizen

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ursa Major (Mikhail Ursus), her parents

Enemies"Mountain Men" (Pavel, Arkady, 4 others)

Known RelativesAnton Kharkov (father), Idel Kharkov (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Somewhere in Russia

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#25/4 (early August, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: None

(Marvel Comics Presents#25/4) - One day the six year old Sophia went camping in the mountains with her parents. She saw Mikhail Ursus and threw her teddy bear Stuffins at him. She told Mikhail that Stuffins was a good bear, told him her name and joked around with him. Sophia's parents found her with Mikhail, and her mother took her to their campsite. Three days later Sophia and her parents were attacked by "Mountain Men" and they took Sophia and her father with them. Mikhail searched for them as Ursa Major and found them soon. Sophia thought it was Stuffins who helped her. The last "Mountain Man" standing tried to flee with Sophia as his hostage, but he fell from a cliff. Sophie was rescued at the last second by Ursa Major who talked to Sophia. She learned that the bear was Mikhail and was then taken home to her mother by him.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Don Hudson & Chris Ivy.

Profile by Markus Raymond

The Kharkov family has no known connection to:

The "Mountain Men" have no known connection to:

Anton Kharkov

He was a member of the Politburo and the father of Sophia. When he saw her playing with Mikhail he immediately was scared for his daughter's safety. He sent her away with his wife and threatened Mikhail until he learned that Mikhail was a Soviet Super Soldier. Three day later his family was attacked by "Mountain Men". They took Anton and his daughter with them and Anton got seriously injured by them. Ursa Major found him tied up at a tree. Ursa Major freed Anton who died after asking Ursa Major to save his daughter.

--Marvel Comics Presents#25/4


Idel Kharkov

She was Sophia's mother and Anton's wife. She brought her daughter to the campsite after she was playing with Mikhail. Three days later she and her family were attacked by "Mountain Men". Idel was injured, but she got away and ran to the street were she was brought away by an ambulance after she talked to the authorities and Ursa Major. Her daughter was returned to her by Ursa Major.

--Marvel Comics Presents#25/4


"Mountain Men"

They were a bunch of rough men living in the mountains. They attacked the Kharkov's and took Anton and Sophie with them. They injured Anton and tied him up, but Ursa Major found them and knocked them out. One even managed to hit Ursa Major, but in the end all "Mountain Men" were down except for one. He took Sophie as hostage and ran away with her, but he was so afraid of the talking bear that he fell from a cliff to his death while Sophia was saved by Ursa Major.

On the right picture the only named "Mountain Men" Pavel (left) and Arkady (right) are seen.

--Marvel Comics Presents#25/4


Sophia Ilyitch Kharkov head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#25, p26, pan1
Sophia Ilyitch Kharkov body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#25, p31, pan6
Anton Kharkov head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#25, p26, pan7
Idel Kharkov head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#25, p25, pan5
"Mountain Men": Marvel Comics Presents#25, p30, pan1

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