Membership: Bruce, Delbert, Nigel, Rich

Purpose: Vandalism

Affiliations: Union Jack (Joey Chapman)

Enemies: British Police, Union Jack (Joey Chapman)

Base of Operations: London, Great Britain

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#42/3 (1990)



(Marvel Comics Presents#42/3) - One night Union Jack helped them to flee from the police after they were caught spraying on a wall. They ran away and visited their good friend Joey Chapman a few minutes later to tell him how everything went great and that Union Jack helped them. The next night they wanted to hit Falsworth Manor. Joey was already waiting there for them as Union Jack, and he stopped them from vandalizing the Falsworth property. He told the Hooligans that this was the resting place of the man who wore the Union Jack costume before him and that they should stop fighting the past. Union Jack sent the Hooligans home and told them to think about his words, and they did like they were told to.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza & Kieron Dwyer.

Profile by Markus Raymond

The "Hooligans" have no known connection to:

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He was good friends with Joey Chapman, and he was the leader of the "Hooligans" gang. He liked to brag about their actions and was the guy who planned their vandalizing acts. He was also the guy who told Chapman that they would hit Falsworth Manor. He didn't understand at first why Union Jack stopped them from hitting Falsworth Manor, but after Union Jack's speech he knew why and followed Union Jack's order to leave with his gang.


--Marvel Comics Presents#42/3

"Hooligans": Marvel Comics Presents#42, p17, pan2
Nigel head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#42, p21, pan5

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