Gloriole is freed by Rom

Real Name: Gloriole (?)

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Galador) cyborg (Spaceknight - first generation). His existence would have been widely known to the Galadorian people.

Occupation: Spaceknight

Group Membership: Spaceknights (first generation)

Affiliations: Rom

Enemies: Dire Wraiths

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Galador;

dark cloud in space (Wraith base);
buried on unnamed asteroid

First Appearance: Rom Annual#1/2 (1982)

Powers/Abilities: Gloriole was considered second only to the Prime Director of Galador's great thinkers, placing him at about genius level. In response to the Dire Wraith threat, he was one of hundreds of Galadorians who underwent surgical conversion to have his brain and nervous system grafted onto a powerful, computerized and cybernetically enhanced exoskeleton. In cyborg form, Gloriole was clad in dark blue plandanium armor, helmet and boots, with red arm and leg casings, plus golden floating bracelets that projected powerful energy bolts of concussive force. His upturned lapels also featured a gold star. Similar to the cyborg Rom, he had superhuman durability and stamina, plus enhanced strength, although his sealed armor was not impervious to Wraith weaponry. As with other first generation Spaceknights, his armor would have been able to withstand the extremes of travel and combat in space. Gloriole was 7' tall in armor with yellow glowing eyes in his cyborg form, but did not display any flight capabilities (although his rocket pack might've been destroyed/surrendered, or he may have blasted downwards with his wristbands to propel himself up). His cyborg weight would've been similar to Rom's: 850 lbs. Like other Spaceknights, the exoskeleton incorporated a thermo-electric battery that could last 500 Earth years, and provided enhanced senses and internal communication devices. Those body parts not incorporated into his cyborg form were cryogenically stored back on Galador (see comments).

Gloriole explains his traitorous actsHistory:

(Rom Annual#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - Gloriole feigned an alliance with Dire Wraiths in an effort to learn their sorcerous ways. However, this required Gloriole to help the Wraiths capture Rom, greatest of the Spaceknights, and a trap was set. This involved Gloriole sending a distress signal to Rom while being strung up to appear a captive. Adopting human guises, the Dire Wraiths gathered around the bound Gloriole.

(Rom Annual#1/2) - Rom responded to Gloriole's distress signal and arrived to find his fellow Spaceknight crucified on a massive stone altar. Rom used his Energy Analyzer to confirm his suspicions that Dire Wraiths were involved and banished many of the shapeshifters to limbo using his Neutralizer. Rom then freed Gloriole from his bonds but was blasted from behind by the former captive, who explained that Rom's capture was a requirement before he could be trained in Wraith sorcery. Later, bound in an energy box, Rom heard Gloriole explain his misguided focus on acquiring knowledge of Wraith sorcery to thwart future Wraith attacks. However, Rom indicated that Gloriole had sacrificed his humanity. This gave the would-be renegade Spaceknight pause and he realized the price was too high. Recognizing his mistake, he then blasted Rom's energy prison, freeing the silver Spaceknight. The Wraiths fired upon Gloriole with their weapons, felling him. This distraction gave Rom time enough to recover and call forth his Neutralizer, and he banished the remaining Dire Wraiths to limbo. However, it was too late for Gloriole, who died in Rom's arms. Rom then buried Gloriole on a small asteroid with a memorial stone and flame, swearing not to reveal his shame.

Comments: Created by Grant (writer), LaRoque (penciler) & Magyar (inker).

The story takes place 200 years before Rom arrives on Earth.

In Rom#73, Heatwave destroyed the stored humanity of the Spaceknights, including (presumably) Gloriole's.

Armor information was gleaned from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe - Deluxe Eddition#12 under "Spaceknights".

Profile by Grendel Prime


Gloriole has no known connections to:

Rom Annual#1/2, p2, panel 4 (main);

p3, panel 6 (head)

Rom Annual#1/2 (1982) - Grant (writer), LaRoque (pencils), Magyar (inks), Al Milgrom (editor)

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