Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Aesir/Asgardians, Cimmerians, humans, Hyborian gods, Storm Giants

Significant Inhabitants: Conan, Crom, Loki, the Storm Giants of Jotunheim, Thor, Thoth-Amon

Significant Locations: Asgard, Cimmeria, Corinthia, Jotunheim

First Appearance: What If...I#39 (June, 1983)

History: (What If...I#39 (fb)) - After battling the Storm Giants of Jotunheim, Thor chased Loki into a cave filled with various tunnels. Losing Loki in the tunnels, Thor entered one of the tunnels and upon exiting the tunnel, found himself in the Hyborian era with no memory of why he was there or who he was. Just as Thor stopped to ask some nearby soldiers where he was, Conan the Barbarian attacked the soldiers by shoving some boulders over a cliff at them. Seeing that as an attack on himself, Thor climbed the cliff and confronted Conan. The two soon battled intensely until Conan stopped the fight, claiming that Thor's strength had earned his respect and that he would no longer seek Thor's early death. Conan then invited Thor to travel with him but gave Thor a sword, claiming that Mjolnir could hardly frighten a man. Seeing that Thor had no money of his own, Conan suggested that the two of them "persuade" a local moneybags that his life is worth more than his wallet. After robbing a priest, Thor questioned whether their actions were right but Conan just replied that there was no other way to survive. They then visited a local tavern where Thor asked to know more about Conan's gods. While Conan tried to change the subject to the sorcerer Thoth-Amon, Thor insisted they seek out Crom, claiming that he was almost compelled to do so. After defeating a small group of wild boar, Thor and Conan made their up Crom's mountain until Conan had to stop and rest. As he rested, Thor continued his journey and eventually came face-to-face with Crom, whom he asked about his identity. Angered that Thor spoke without being spoken to, Crom asked why he should care about Thor's desires and explained to Thor who he was. Once Thor's memories returned, Crom demanded Mjolnir as a token to show that Thor had no power in the Hyborian era. Thor refused, but Crom simply pulled Mjolnir away from Thor and hurled it away, burying it deep in the Earth where Thor could never retrieve it. Crom then ordered Thor to leave. Realizing he could not take on a god in his full power, Thor returned to Conan, who explained that Thor had only been gone a few minutes in mortal time and told Thor that he had underestimated his imagination. Watching from afar, Thoth-Amon sent a winged messenger to retrieve Mjolnir from its burial while Thor and Conan searched for clues as to the location of Mjolnir. Eventually, Thor and Conan discovered a shopkeeper who knew of Mjolnir's location with Thoth-Amon and told them of it. Thor and Conan eventually came upon Thoth-Amon's stronghold just after Thoth-Amon had began taking over parts of the world using Mjolnir's control over the elements. Entering the throneroom, Thor and Conan discovered it empty and deduced that Thoth-Amon must be below the castle performing a ritual for Set the Serpent God. Having deduced correctly, Thor and Conan arrived just as Thoth-Amon summoned a group of Snake Men to stop them. While Conan took care of the Snake Men, Thor battled Thoth-Amon for Mjolnir. As lightning poured around them, a dying Thor managed to harness the lightning against Thoth-Amon, vaporizing him. As he perished from the battle with Thoth-Amon, Thor asked Conan to take Mjolnir to Crom and tell him that he would never cast his pantheon into chaos. He also told Conan to offer Mjolnir to Crom as a symbol of love for the future's inhabitants. After Thor died, Conan honored his last wish.

Comments: Created by Alan Zelenetz, Ron Wilson, and Danny Bulanadi.

    The Watcher stated the divergent point as being the moment when Thor chose a different portal over the one that would have taken him to ancient Troy. I believe Thor took the portal to ancient Troy in Thor Annual#8 (1979), if I'm not mistaken.

Profile by Proto-Man


Earth-The Mighty Thor Battled Conan the Barbarian has no known connection to


Conan the Barbarian was the same as normal Earth counterpart up until he met the amnesiac Thor. After a brief fight, Conan began to respect Thor and invited him to become his traveling companion. The two eventually sought out Crom to discover Thor's identity and upon doing so, set out to recover Thor's lost hammer. They found it in the possession of the sorcerer Thoth-Amon, whom they defeated at the cost of Thor's life. Following Thor's death, Conan traveled to the realm of Crom to offer Mjolnir as a symbol of love for future generations.

    Conan had enormous strength and used a sword in battle. He was skilled at fighting, swordsmanship, and thievery.

--What If...I#39


Crom was one of the Hyborian Gods. Thor sought him out to discover his identity when he arrived in the Hyborian era without his memory. Angered that Thor might upset his pantheon, Crom took Mjolnir away from Thor and cast it far away into the ground. After Thor's death, Conan journeyed to Crom's realm to offer Mjolnir as a symbol of love for future generations.

Crom had vast godlike powers including over the enchantments of other gods and cast objects out of his realm. He presumably had the other conventional attributes of a god, including superhuman strength, vitality, resistance, and durability.

--What If...I#39


Loki was basically the same as his Earth-616 counterpart. I imagine he had it pretty easy after Thor was lost in the Hyborian era. Oh, who am I kidding? He was probably beaten by the Avengers like he always was....

Loki did not display any superhuman powers, but he more than likely had all the powers of his Earth-616 counterpart, such as superhuman strength, resistance, longevity, durability, and mystic abilities.

--What If...I#39 (fb)


Thor was mostly the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until he chased Loki into a cave and entered one of its tunnel, where he was transported to the Hyborian era. Once arriving in that era, Thor was without his memories and most of his superhuman strength. He eventually encountered Conan and became his travelling companion, journeying to the realm of Crom to discover his identity. Once his memories returned, Crom banished Mjolnir away and Thor joined Conan into recovering Mjolnir from the clutches of the sorcerer Thoth-Amon. During the battle with Thoth-Amon, Thor was killed. With his dying wish, Thor asked Conan to travel to Crom's realm and offer Mjolnir as a symbol of love for future generations.

Thor had superhuman strength (though not as strong as he normally had in the present day), resistance, durability, and longevity.

--What If...I#39 (fb), (#39d,


Thoth-Amon was a dark sorcerer who had watched Thor since he had arrived in the Hyborian era. When Mjolnir was stripped from him, Thoth-Amon sent a winged messenger to retrieve it and Thoth-Amon then used its command of the elements to conquer various parts of the world. Eventually, Thor and Conan found Mjolnir with Thoth-Amon and confronted him. Thoth-Amon summoned a group of Snake Men to stop them, but Conan held them off while Thor battled with Thoth-Amon. Surrounded by lightning, Thor was struck down but managed to usurp the lightning from Thoth-Amon and turn it against him, vaporizing him.

--What If...I#39 (#39d,


What If...I#39, p2, pan2 (Loki)
 p3, splash page (Thor)
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What If...I#39 (June, 1983) - Alan Zelenetz (scripter), Ron Wilson (penciler), Danny Bulanadi (inker)

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