Membership: Andromeda/Genevieve Cross, Interloper/Will Fanshawe, Dafydd ap Iowerth, Manslaughter/Roger Loomis, Valkyrie/Sian Bowen

to act as Earth’s defense against the Dragon of the Moon

Doctor Strange; the Vishanti

the Dragon of the Moon;
Erlik Khan; Nightmare; the Spirits of Air, Earth, and Water

Base of Operations:
none currently;

Previously the Borders of the Land of the Dead

First Appearance:
Doctor Strange III#3 (March, 1989)

History: In final battle between the (New) Defenders and the Dragon of the Moon, four Defenders (Andromeda, Interloper, Manslaughter, and Valkyrie) sacrificed themselves to vanquish the Dragon.  Instead of dying, however, the four Defenders and the Dragon were transported to the Borders of the Land of the Dead, where they did battle with the Dragon’s minions.  While there, Doctor Strange called upon their spirits to battle Erlik Khan and Nightmare. (see comments)

(Doctor Strange III#3 (fb)) – Doctor Strange destroyed several of his mystic talismans in a battle with Urthona, one of which acted specially to keep the Dragon of the Moon off of Earth.

(Doctor Strange III#3) – Sensing the new weakness in the barrier to Earth, the Dragon of the Moon escaped the Borders of the Land of the Dead and went to the Earth again, gaining great power.  The four Defenders were then able to vanquish the last of the Dragon’s spirit minions in the other dimension.  As a reward for their triumph, the Vishanti granted the Defenders’ rebirth into mortal bodies. The Valkyrie, in spirit, sent a message in a book and by an eagle to Dafydd ap Iowerth, setting in motion a series of events that led to ap Iowerth, Genevieve Cross, Will Fanshawe, Roger Loomis, and Sian Bowen all meeting in the hills in England.  All but Genevieve (who was detained) were caught in a spell that left them petrified like stone.  Dr. Strange approached with Genevieve and cast a spell that allowed the four Defenders to possess the mortal forms.  Manslaughter the sly fox, took over Roger Loomis; Valkyrie the brave eagle possessed Sian Bowen; Interloper the majestic bear possessed Will Fanshawe; and Andromeda, the supple otter took over Genevieve Cross.  Surprisingly, Arthur the Pendragon possessed Dafydd ap Iowerth.  Doctor Strange joined them in battle against the Spirits of Air, Earth, and Water.  Ap Iowerth vanquished the demons, and the Defenders bowed before him, recognizing the Pendragon.

(Doctor Strange III#4) – The group followed the Dragon spoor to a ruined Manchester, England.  The Dragon had granted power to many mortals there and incited riots. The team attacked until ap Iowerth brought the thralls to their senses.  They tracked the Dragon to a nuclear power plant, where he had more men as thralls.  Ap Iowerth was able to get the Dragon to show itself, and it attacked the group.  Doctor Strange instructed the five of them to join hands. He cast a spell, christening them the Dragon Circle, the new talisman which would keep the Dragon of the Moon from returning to Earth.  Ap Iowerth crushed the remaining essence of the Dragon between his fingers.  Later, the team went their separate ways.

Comments: Created, or formed into the Dragon Circle, by Peter B. Gillis, Richard Case, and Randy Emberlin.

The members of the (New) Defenders did battle with a possessed Moondragon more than once.  At the series’ closure, Interloper and Valkyrie focused their immortal energies through Manslaughter and Andromeda, leading them to that unnamed dimension.  Doctor Strange used the souls of his allies to help him battle a few of his foes.  These events took place in (New) Defenders I#152 and Strange Tales II#5-7.  The group was not known as the Dragon Circle until their appearances in Doctor Strange, when ap Iowerth joined up.  All the members have appeared since then except for Interloper and ap Iowerth, but no longer as a group.  Sian Bowen, ap Iowerth, and Roger Loomis have not appeared again to date.  Genevieve Cross appeared again briefly in Namor the Sub-Mariner I#61-62.  For more information see individual entries (when they are complete) for Andromeda, the Dragon of the Moon, Interloper, Dafydd ap Iowerth, and Manslaughter.

Thanks to Slawomir Kwa&seacute;ny for pointing out an incorrect headshot was used for Sian Bowen.

Profile by Chadman


The Dragon Circle has no known connection to

Sian Bowen

Sian Bowen was a student at the
University of Swansea in Wales.  One morning, she was awakened by Roger Loomis (who she may have had a relationship with) and Dafydd ap Iowerth early, and an eagle emissary from the Valkyrie startled them.  They drove to the hills of central Wales, where Sian was almost hit by Will Fanshawe’s truck.  In the woods, Sian was caught in a spell which left Valkyrie possessing her form.  Since Valkyrie has now returned to Asgard and is presumably deceased. Sian Bowen’s fate is unknown.

--Dr. Strange III#3 ( 3-4

Genevieve Cross

In Wales, Genevieve Cross ran out on her boyfriend and stole his motorcycle.  When she made a pit-stop in the hills, she met Doctor Strange, and was ‘late’ for the grouping that would leave Andromeda possessing her form, and allowing the Dragon re-entrance into the world.  Later, after Andromeda was stabbed by Bloodwraith’s sword, Genevieve’s form took over and she was very disoriented.  Trapped in Andromeda's form, Genevieve was unable to breathe until Namor shoved her head under water.  Genevieve struggled for air while Namor battled Morgan le Fay, Bloodwraith, and Triton. Namor then returned Genevieve to Atlantis, where she struggled to breathe and was unable to speak.  Raman and Vashti, both Atlanteans, saw to her
medical needs.  A fight almost broke out between Namor and Llyron, but an earthquake rocked Atlantis and brought it above the surface, killing sixty percent of the population of Atlantis.  Genevieve/Andromeda seemingly escaped.  Andromeda has been seen since, though it is unknown if she or Genevieve is in control of her form.

--Dr. Strange III#3 ( 3-4, Namor I#61-62

Will Fanshawe

Driving his truck in the early morning in the hills of Wales, Will Fanshawe almost ran over Sian Bowen.  He was angry until Roger Loomis an Dafydd ap Iowerth convinced him a UFO had landed in the hills, and Fanshawe was a believer in UFOs.  Fanshawe was caught in a spell which left Interloper possessing his form.  Later, when Interloper was knocked out, Fanshawe took over his form temporarily again. The whereabouts of Fanshawe and Interloper are unknown.

--Dr. Strange III#3 ( 3-4

Roger Loomis

Roger Loomis, a professor at the University of Swansea in Wales, was awakened early one morning by Dafydd ap Iowerth, who had questions about a strange text.  An eagle screech in the room of his student, Sian Bowen, (whom he may have had a relationship with) sent them rushing inside.  They ended up in the hills of Wales and caught up in a spell that left Manslaughter possessing his form.  Manslaughter has since returned to his assassin ways, and Loomis’s fate is unknown.

-Dr. Strange III#3 ( 3-4

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Dr. Strange III#3-4 (March, May, 1989) - Peter Gillis (writer), Richard Case (pencils), Randy Emberlin (#3) & Tony Dezuniga (#4) (inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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