Real Name: Linda Jane Carter

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Nurse

Group Membership: Nurses of Metropolitan General Hospital

Affiliations: Betsy Greeley, Georgia Jenkins, Christine Palmer, Mrs. Rose, Victor Sloan (as a patient only), Dr. Jack Tryon;
    formerly Marshall Michaels, Dr. William Sutton;
    antagonistic relationship with Miss Brundage

Enemies:  Joe "The Scar" Bronson, Rocky, Dr. William Sutton;
    formerly Ben Jenkins

Known Relatives: Dr. Carter (father), Mrs. Carter (mother), Tag Carter (brother);
    possible relationship to Linda Carter, student nurse (see comments)

Aliases: Night Nurse

Base of Operations: Metropolitan General Hospital, New York City;
    formerly Allenville, upstate New York

First Appearance: Night Nurse#1 (November, 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Linda is a skilled nurse, and she is highly compassionate and dedicated.

(Night Nurse#1 (fb)) - Linda's parents were ecstatic when she was accepted to Metropolitan General Hospital.

Night Nurse#1 (fb)) - Linda became roommates with two other student nurses, Georgia Jenkins and Christine Palmer. The young women were initially highly judgmental and even semi-hostile to one another--a result of their different backgrounds.

(Night Nurse#1 (fb)) - Linda and her roommates were called to work on an emergency involving children who had been burnt. Linda offered comfort to a young boy who missed his mother, but this then reminded Linda of how much she missed her own family, and she rushed into the storeroom and broke down in tears. Georgia initially chided Linda for leaving the floor when there was work to be done, but she and Christine quickly realized that Linda was crying. When they each realized that they valued their work and missed their families, they found common ground, and they were soon fast friends. They shared pizzas as well as fear of their supervisor, the size ten-shoed Miss Brundage.
    Miss Brundage sent Linda to care for the wealthy Marshall Michaels, whom the trustees were trying to get to donate a new wing to the hospital. Michaels was initially rude and condescending to Linda, but when she supported him when he nearly collapsed, he began to see her assets. The two grew closer as Marshall recovered, and they began dating after he left the hospital. They swiftly began to fall in love, and Linda enjoyed Marshall's yacht and the fine dining and other things he showered her with. Marshall proposed to Linda, but also told that he wanted her to give up nursing to devote herself completely to him. With graduation only a few days away, Linda told Marshall she needed more time.
    A few days later, during the hot summer, many parts of town began to suffer "brownouts", (city-directed focal power outages to conserve energy), while the hospital's own generator kept them in power. Georgia realized that her brother Ben--who had become furious at the brownouts in their neighborhood--had teamed up with Rocky, intending to use the threat of bombing the hospital's generator to force the government to return power to them. Upon learning this, Linda sent Christine to get the guards or police, while she accompanied Georgia to the generator. Georgia was able to convince Ben to turn against Rocky, who had shot and killed a guard and was secretly taking money from unknown parties to blow up the generator. Rocky shot Ben, and while Georgia rushed forward to control his bleeding, Linda tripped the fleeing Rocky and she caught the bomb as it flew from his hands. Rocky turned the gun on Linda, but the police arrived and winged him with a bullet, forcing his surrender.
    Linda rushed to tell Marshall about her exciting day, but when he gave the ultimatum--you're my wife, or a nurse--not both!--she was forced to make a choice, and she chose nursing. Christine and Georgia comforted her and they prepared for graduation the following day.

(Night Nurse#2 (fb)) - Georgia, Christine, and Linda graduated from nursing school, and Linda graduated with highest honors. The three girls decided to continue living together.



(Night Nurse#2) - Still hurting from her breakup with Marshall, Linda was on her way home from a swing shift when she saw a girl--Betsy Greeley--be struck by a hit and run driver. Linda treated the girl, arranging CPR and ignoring the risk of being sued for treatment. Linda suspected a concussion and a neck fracture, and he treatment earned her the respect of the police officer who assisted her. Linda accompanied the girl on the ambulance ride to the hospital, joining Christine in the rest of the on-duty team in prepping the girl for surgery. Both Linda and Christine assisted Dr. William Sutton in surgery, after which the exhausted Linda finally went home.
    A week or so later, Christine had begun dating and working with Dr. Sutton, but Linda noticed that Christine was keeping false records of Dr. Sutton's drug supplies. She chastised Christine to no avail, as Christine believed that Dr. Sutton wouldn't do anything wrong. Linda accompanied the new resident Dr. Jack Tryon for a break atop the building in the roof garden, and Jack shared that Sutton was taking credit for the work the residents did, and that there had been problems with the records books. Linda shared that Christine had been faking the records, and she and Jack resolved to get to the bottom of the situation. The two went to confront Sutton, but found that he was out--he had been called in as Betsy Greeley had taken a turn for the worse, and so they decided to wait for him inside his townhouse (courtesy of his butler). Inside the townhouse they found large amounts of liquor, several bottles of drugs ordered with Jack's missing prescription pad, and finally an automobile repair bill, which showed that it was Dr. Sutton who had hit Betsy in the first place.
    Linda and Jack returned to her apartment to confront Christine, who had run out on the intoxicated Dr. Sutton in mid-surgery, unable to stand his ineptness. After learning that Betsy had died intra-operatively, Linda told Christine the truth about the car accident. Christine rushed to get an explanation from Sutton, and she was called into his inquest, ultimately exposing his actions. Sutton denied everything, until Linda threatened to reveal what she had found in his house, and he confessed to his crimes. Distraught, Christine rushed off, and Linda asked Jack to take her for a long walk.








(Night Nurse#3) - As dawn approached, Linda was working the night shift when a pair of criminals dumped a victim on the hospital floor. She quickly recognized that the victim was already dead from a gunshot wound, and she had Mrs. Rose call the police. Scouring through police mugshots, she identified one of the men as Joe "The Scar" Bronson. When Linda arrived home, Georgia expressed her frustration that Ben was being punished so for a mistake, while Victor Sloan, the "Head of the Rackets", had never seen the inside of a cell. Ironically, the next day, Sloan was brought in to Metro hospital after being shot. Georgia was glad to see this and stated that someone should get a metal for it, and Linda had to pressure her into following her "Nightingale Pledge" to help rush Sloan for a transfusion and surgery. Neither Georgia nor Linda were too happy to see that Miss Brundage had been called in to help out when some other nurses had called in sick.
    Georgia later followed the sounds of music to a Christmas party being held in the cafeteria, but Linda found her and informed her that Miss Brundage and the guards standing watch over Sloan had vanished. While Linda went to check on Sloan, Georgia sought help. Desperate to hide Sloan from his attackers, Linda pushed him--bed and all--into the medicine room, but Sloan shouted about the amount of drugs around them, the would-be assassin, Joe "The Scar" Bronson, heard them. Pretending to be a police officer, Bronson tricked Linda into unlocking the door, then held them both at gunpoint. When Linda warned him that people would hear a gunshot, he acknowledged her point and pulled out a silencer. Just then Georgia returned with Dr. Jack Tryon, who saved both Linda and Sloan from Joe "The Scar" Bronson, though it was Linda who recovered Bronson's gun and held him off until Georgia could return with the police. Afterwards, Georgia sent Linda on her break while she watched over Sloan, changing his dressing as a way of making up for her past behavior. She admitted that as long as she wore her nurse's uniform she could not let her feelings affect her work.






Comments: Created by Jean Thomas and Winslow Mortimer.

Night Nurse lasted four issues, but #4 only had Christine Palmer--who was BTS in #3--in it.

It would seem virtually certain that Linda Carter (or her predecessor "Linda Carter, Student Nurse") is the Night Nurse in recent Daredevil issues.

For more information on Linda Carter, Student Nurse, see here: She could easily be Linda's aunt, or great-aunt, or something.

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Night Nurse#1 cover
    #2 cover
    #3 cover
        p15, panel 5 (face)

Night Nurse#2 (January, 1973) - Jean Thomas (writer), Winslow Mortimer (pencils), Roy Thomas (editor)
Night Nurse#3 (March, 1973) - Jean Thomas (writer), Winslow Mortimer (pencils), Roy Thomas (editor)

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