Membership: Billy, Chisel, Flintlock, Outback

Purpose: Mercenary force

Affiliations: Dr. Faustus, (briefly) Nomad

Enemies: Cannibal Catch, Captain America, Nomad, Slug

Base of Operations: Orlando, Florida

First Appearance: Nomad II#18 (October, 1993)

History: (Nomad II#18 (fb))- The Wanderers were hired by Dr. Faustus to apprehend Nomad for him. They found Nomad wandering about in a drunken stupor, and snared him with Outback's rope. Flintlock then knocked him unconscious.

(Nomad II#18)- Dr. Faustus used his brainwashing techniques to bring Nomad under his control, and set him up as the new leader of the Wanderers, sending them to assassinate the Slug. As they crept onto the Slug's estate, they were confronted by the Cannibal Catch, mercenaries the Slug had hired. While the other Wanderers fought them, Nomad snuck into the mansion to kill the Slug. He fired at the Slug, but his shot was deflected by Captain America.

(Captain America I#421)- Captain America managed to break through Faustus' brainwashing, and brought Nomad back to normal. Captain America then found the Wanderers attempting to kill the Slug as he escaped aboard a hovercraft, and destroyed Billy and Flintlock's weapons. When one of the engines on the Slug's hovercraft broke down, the Cannibal Catch fled to aid their boss. The Wanderers joined together to face Captain America, but he quickly defeated Outback and Chisel. Billy and Flintlock tried to run, but Captain America struck them down from behind with his shield.

(Nomad II#19)- The Wanderers managed to recover and gain the upper hand over Captain America, but Nomad then reappeared. When Chisel showed Nomad that he had taken Captain America's shield, Nomad shot him in the left ankle. Captain America recovered his shield and chastised Nomad for shooting Chisel, but Nomad departed to set after Faustus, leaving Captain America to defeat the Wanderers alone. Wanting to set after Nomad, Captain America defeated the other Wanderers quickly.

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza, Rick Mays and Greg Adams.

by Prime Eternal

The Wanderers should not be confused with:

Billy was a member of the Wanderers. He had unusual facial tatoos, and wielded a crossbow.

--Nomad II#18) 18 (fb), 18, Captain America I#421, Nomad II#19

Chisel was the most physically strong of the Wanderers, and did not carry a weapon. He managed to steal Captain America's shield away from him during their scuffle, but was shot in the left ankle by Nomad for doing so.

--Nomad II#18) 18 (fb), 18, Captain America I#421, Nomad II#19

Flintlock was a sharpshooter who wielded a shotgun and sniper rifle. She was attracted to Nomad, but was still willing to kill him if given the order.

--Nomad II#18) 18 (fb), 18, Captain America I#421, Nomad II#19

Outback was an Australian, and wielded a crossbow, knife and lariat. He was the defacto leader of the Wanderers.

--Nomad II#18) 18 (fb), 18, Captain America I#421, Nomad II#19

Images taken from:
Nomad II#18, cover

Captain America I#421 (November, 1993)
Nomad II#19 (November, 1993)

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