Real Name: Edoard Glissant

Identity/Class: Human; Canadian citizen

Occupation: Terrorist

Group Membership: Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ)

Affiliations: other members of the FLQ
formerly: Jean-Paul Beaubier

Enemies: Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier), Mr. Richelieu, Ms. Montgomery, Canadian Government

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Quebec, Canada

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#92/4 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: None. He is an expert with explosives and likes to use handguns.

(MCP#92/4 (fb) ): Years ago Edoard Glissant became a member of the FLQ and therefore a terrorist. One night he blew up part of a skyscraper together with fellow member Jean-Paul Beaubier who wasn't very enthusiastic about their success, and Glissant didn't understand him. A few seconds later the police was after them, but Glissant and Beaubier both got away. Over the years the luck had left Glissant. He saw his former partner becoming a pawn of the government and wanted to get revenge on him for this.

(MCP#92/4): Glissant planned to make his former partner Beaubier now known as Northstar fail. He followed Northstar to Calgary were a benefit event took place and prepared explosives on the ski slope. After that he went into a bar, drank a beer and smoked a cigarette. He watched Northstar giving an interview in the same bar and waited. When the event started he blew up the slope and an avalanche threatened the skiers' lives. Northstar saved everyone from the avalanche, but Glissant couldn't accept this as a proper end for the day. He took the TV reporter Ms. Montgomery as hostage and wanted to kill Northstar, but Northstar's rival Richelieu pushed Montgomery to the ground. Glissant shot Richelieu and was now without protection. Northstar attacked him without mercy and knocked Glissant out. The wanted terrorist was arrested afterwards.


Comments: Created by Karl Bollers, Antonio Matias, Joe Madureira & Danny Bulanadi

Profile by Markus Raymond


Edoard Glissant has no known connections to

Mr. Richelieu has no known connections to

Ms. Montgomery has no known connections to

Mr. Richelieu

Richelieu was a successful Canadian skier. He hated Northstar because he cheated at the Olympics in the past with his super-powers. Richelieu spit into Northstar's face and told him that he is not welcome at the event because he was a disgrace for the sport. Richelieu then went on to ski for the benefit event in Calgary and Northstar saved him from an avalanche caused by Glissant's explosives and the hero got injured. Richelieu was surprised that Northstar saved him and told the reporter Ms. Montgomery that he didn't have to do this. At this moment Glissant took her as a hostage, but Richelieu now tried to be a hero as well and pushed her out of the way. He took a bullet from Glissant and was brought to the next hospital. Richelieu was now a good friend of Northstar because he owed the hero his life.

--Marvel Comics Presents#92/4

Ms. Montgomery

Ms. Montgomery was a Canadian TV reporter. She took interviews at a benefit event in Calgary. One of her interviewees was Northstar. She asked him about the Olympic title he had to give back. She wanted an answer from Northstar after Richelieu had denounced him. They continued their interview on the outside and then she watched the event. She arrived immediately at the scene after Northstar had saved Richelieu from an avalanche and tried to get an interview, but Glissant took her as a hostage. Richelieu pushed her to the ground and in the end she could report about the capture of the wanted terrorist Edoard Glissant and a new friendship between the former rivals Northstar and Richelieu.

--Marvel Comics Presents#92/4


Edoard Glissant body shot: Marvel Comics Presents#92, barcode side, p9, pan1

Edoard Glissant head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#92, barcode side, p10, pan4

Mr. Richelieu head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#92, barcode side, p11, pan5

Ms. Montgomery head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#92, barcode side, p16, pan6

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