Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: U.S. Army soldier (unknown rank)

Group Membership: U.S. Army

Affiliations: mindcontrolled Camp Gray residents

Enemies: Camp Gray residents, Camp Chestnut residents, Captain Ultra (Griffin Gogol)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Camp Gray somewhere in the United States

First Appearance: What the..?!#15/4 (November, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: He wore an exoskeleton that enhanced his strength to superhuman levels. He used a government-issued psionic-drain equipment to gain mental control over other people.


(What the..?!#15/4 (fb) - BTS) - He stole an exoskeleton and a government-issued psionic-drain device from the Army and went to a summer camp. In the following weeks he used the psionic-drain device to slowly train the children and everyone else in the camp as his soldiers.

(What the..?!#15/4) - One day the Counselor in Chief called the children in to send them on their first mission. They were in his mental grasp and he ordered them to plunder the nearby Camp Chestnut. Captain Ultra who was at Camp Gray because he did a stand-up comedy show at the camp as Gogol tried to convince them not to do it, but he couldn't break C.I.C's mental control. The C.I.C. watched the children overpower Captain Ultra, but the hero wasn't defeated yet and stood up against the C.I.C. and broke his mental control on some children by quoting from a speech of Captain America. The C.I.C. was angered and hit Ultra so hard that he flew right into the lake. C.I.C. followed him to beat him up a little bit more, but the next punch threw Ultra against the water tower standing next to C.I.C.'s equipment. The water tower broke and C.I.C.' equipment short-circuited as well as his exoskeleton. Captain Ultra fell on the defeated Counselor in Chief and was the new favorite hero for everyone in Camp Gray which was renamed Camp Rainbow afterwards.


Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Dennis Jensen & George Wildman.

Sadly his stolen equipment was never really seen. It was always in the box he stood on in the first picture seen in this profile.

There is nothing contradictory in this story that would throw it out of Earth-616 continuity and although many other stories in "What the..?!" were most likely not happening on Earth-616 this one did as it referred to former adventures of Captain Ultra.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Counselor in Chief has no known connection to:

Counselor in Chief body shot: What the..?!#15, p19, pan5
Counselor in Chief head shot: What the..?!#15, p20, pan1

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