Real Name: Sean Watanabe

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Vigilante;
 formerly member of the Navy

Group Membership: None;
 formerly Navy S.E.A.L.S.

Affiliations: Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale), Jack D'Auria, Emmaline Brigitte Watanabe, Yuji Watanabe, Wolverine (James Howlett);
 formerly Theresa

EnemiesActs of Vengeance (especially Kingpin, Magneto, Mandarin & Red Skull), Deathwatch, Deathwatch's ninjas,
  International Contractors Unlimited, Langley, Triad Brothers

Known Relatives: Emmaline Brigitte Watanabe (sister), Yuji Watanabe (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City;
 formerly mobile all over the world

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#65/1 (1990) (in shadows), Marvel Comics Presents I#67/1 (December, 1990) (fully seen)

Powers/Abilities: He was a low-level telepath who could read the thoughts somebody just thought. He was also a trained martial arts expert.
He was as deadly in hand-to-hand combat as when he used swords and other ninja-like weapons he was trained in. Through his membership
with the Navy SEALS he gained knowledge about combat tactics, surveillance, explosives and the use of nearly any conventional weapon.

History: (Marvel Comics Presents I#69 (fb)/Avengers I#313 - BTS) - Since he could walk his father taught him to fight. He loved the sport and always wanted to become better than his father. When he entered competitions he learned that he couldn't be hit because he always knew his opponents next move as soon as he thought it. Sean grew older and filled with patriotism he joined the Navy. He qualified for the SEALS and learned to fight in ways he had never thought of before. In the Navy he got his nickname Brass because he always went in for jobs nobody else wanted to do. Eventually he met Theresa and fell in love with her. One day in Manhattan they were making plans for their future, but when they were across Avengers Mansion the Mandarin attacked, Theresa panicked and was run over by a car. Some time later Brass learned that the Mandarin was at that time part of a conspiracy called the Acts of Vengeance. Brass vowed to kill all participants and started with his vengeance by hitting Mandarin's operations in New York City's Chinatown.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#65) - Sean followed his sister's kidnappers to Cypress Hills Cemetery and killed the remaining ninjas with his bare hands. After that he decided to take the unconscious heroes Wolverine and Ghost Rider to his father.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#66) - Sean waited with his sister for their father. His father arrived and ordered Sean to make sure that no more assassins were around and Sean did like his father told him. Later Brass fought Wolverine in his father's dojo where Wolverine was taken to get well again. Wolverine destroyed the only light in the room to get an advantage on his opponent. Sean was hit by Wolverine and drew a sword against the hero, but Emmaline told her brother to stop. Sean threw the sword at Wolverine and jumped out of the window, while Wolverine ducked from the sword.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#67) - Brass returned into the dojo and found his father and his allies defeated. He introduced himself to Wolverine and Ghost Rider and told them that they had to move quickly because Emmaline and Jack D'Auria were both kidnapped and their lives were in danger.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#68) - Ghost Rider attacked Brass after he heard about Jack D'Auria and Wolverine helped Brass. Together Wolverine and Brass went after the Triad Brothers and Deathwatch's ninjas and a few minutes later they had found their vans with Brass' special abilities. Brass used grenades to stop the vans and when they halted he beat up all the ninjas that came from the vans. Two Triad Brothers tried to hit Brass with a powerful blast from their swords when he had their back turned to them, but he just took a step to the right and the blast hit a ninja instead. Wolverine wanted to know how Brass knew about the blast, but Brass rather took a van and go after the bad guys than telling Wolverine about his powers. Brass and Wolverine found the ninjas HQ through Wolverine's who followed Emmaline's perfume. Yuji was already there and stopped them from entering the HQ because Ghost Rider was already wrecking havoc in it.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#69) - Sean entered the HQ with his allies and wanted to get Emmaline, but Wolverine wanted some answers first. They began to fight, but Ghost Rider stopped Brass before blood was spilled. Sean was pushed to the ground by his father and ordered to tell their allies how this situation came to be. After he was finished with his story he went deeper into the HQ with his allies until they were attacked by mercenaries. Brass fought them with and without weapons. Ghost Rider summoned his bike and Brass joined him driving up the building's wall to the top.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#70) - Together with Brass on his bike Ghost Rider drove to the HQ's roof. Brass threw a grenade into the stairway before he entered the building with Ghost Rider. After that they still had many ninjas to fight, but they beat them and found the room Emmaline and Jack were kept. They entered the room and were surrounded by Langley's mercenaries. Brass was attacked by a Triad Brother and held him for Wolverine's attack. Langley ordered the mercenaries to kill Brass and his allies, but an angered Deathwatch entered the room and told his mercenaries to stop.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#71) - Deathwatch told Brass and Wolverine that they were a problem for him because they went so easily through his security. He ordered Ghost Rider to kill Brass and Wolverine for the lives of Emmaline and Jack. Ghost Rider attacked Brass and Wolverine, but after a short fight he threw them through some walls back to the room filled with mercenaries, Emmaline and Jack. Brass killed some mercenaries and then fled with his allies and the hostages when the building was blown up by a self-destruct sequence. Brass said goodbye to Wolverine and Ghost Rider. He hoped to see Wolverine again when they went against the Mandarin. Brass also added Deathwatch to his revenge-list after that night.

(New Avengers#16-19 - BTS) - He lost his powers on M-Day and the energies removed from him were combined with a number of other mutant energies to empower the powerful being Michael.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Brass as a potential Initiative recruit.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, Mark Texeira & Harry Candelario.

Brass was never seen again fighting villains after that night. What has happened to him? Did he get cold feet or did his father convince him that his way of vengeance was no good? We will never know!

Emmaline Brigitte Watanabe sounds like a David Bruce Banner syndrome. First she was called Emmaline and then Brigitte throughout the rest of the story. Or was Emmaline meant to be her alias like Sean's was Brass?

In the user notes to the Deathwatch entry in New Avengers: Most Wanted Files none other than Wolverine remembered that he never hooked up with Brass to go after the Mandarin. I hope Wolvie still has Brass' number.

Profile by Markus Raymond

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She was Sean Watanabe's true love. They met some time after Sean had joined the Navy and planned to stay together for the rest of their lives. One day in Manhattan they were once again talking about their future together. They were across Avengers Mansion when suddenly the Mandarin attacked the Avengers. Theresa panicked, ran to the street and was run over by a car. She was killed in the accident that day.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#69 (fb)


Emmaline Brigitte Watanabe

She was Sean Watanabe's sister. She had some martial arts skills and had vast medical knowledge.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#69 (fb) ) - In her youth she trained with her brother and learned to fight.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#65) - Emmaline was kidnapped by Deathwatch's ninjas and brought to Cypress Hills Cemetery. There Wolverine attacked her kidnappers and Ghost Rider freed her. The heroes fought and knocked each other out. The ninjas still couldn't kidnap Emmaline again because her brother Sean saved her. She then wanted to know what they should do with the heroes.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#66) - Emmaline waited with her brother for their father. Emmaline thought that she could help Wolverine with his wounds and took him home. Ghost Rider didn't need her help and just left. When Sean fought against Wolverine she told Sean to stop the fight, turned on the light and told Wolverine that they had to talk.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#67) - Wolverine wanted answers from Emmaline and threatened her, but she stayed calm and wanted to help him get well again. Before Wolverine could scare her more, Ghost Rider entered the scene and attacked Wolverine. Emmaline still wanted to help him when Yuji stopped the fight between the heroes, but he didn't want her help and Yuji sent her away.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#67 - BTS) - Emmaline was kidnapped by the Triad Brothers and Deathwatch's ninjas. Her ponytail was cut off and while one Triad Brother brought her to a van while, the others returned her ponytail to her father.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#68 - BTS) - In a van she was brought to Deathwatch's HQ by the Triad Brothers.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#70) - She was tied up and gagged together with Jack D'Auria in a room on the top floors of Deathwatch's HQ. Her family, Wolverine and Ghost Rider found her, but before they could free Emmaline and Jack, they were surrounded.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#71) - Still tied up she witnessed the fight between the heroes and villains. She was freed by her father and fled with Ghost Rider on his bike from the exploding building. She took care of Jack D'Auria in the van when Brass said goodbye to the heroes.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#65 (69 (fb), 65-67, 70-71

Yuji Watanabe

He was Sean Watanabe's father. He was a martial arts expert who taught many students in his own dojo in New York City.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#69 (fb) ) - Yuji started teaching his son Kata as soon as he could walk.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#64) - Yuji was attacked by Deathwatch's ninjas. His student Jack D'Auria tried to help him and got injured. Yuji was then able to beat the ninjas with Ghost Rider's help.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#66) - Yuji arrived at the cemetery and sent his son away to secure the area. With his daughter he talked about the chances of Wolverine and Ghost Rider to survive, but Ghost Rider didn't need their help. Later Yuji met Ghost Rider again on the roof of the NYU Medical Center where Ghost Rider fought Deathwatch's ninjas who were still after Jack D'Auria. Yuji wanted to talk with Ghost Rider.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#67) - Yuji stopped Wolverine and Ghost Rider from fighting each other. He told Wolverine that he and Yuji's son were marked for death and told him that Ghost Rider was an ally. Yuji went upstairs with the heroes and was stopped by Wolverine from opening the door. Deathwatch's ninjas attacked and Yuji fought them with his allies until the Triad Brothers entered the scene. Yuji wanted to know his daughters whereabouts and held the heroes back, but the Triad Brothers just gave him Emmaline's ponytail and wanted Yuji to hand over Brass and Wolverine. After a short fight the bad guys were gone and Yuji was afraid for his daughter's life.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#68) - Yuji jumped on Ghost Rider's bike and drove with him through the city to Deathwatch's HQ in Manhattan. There they fought a couple of ninjas that were all knocked out by Ghost Rider. After that Ghost Rider entered the HQ and Yuji stayed outside and stopped Brass and Wolverine from entering the building when they had arrived.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#69) - Yuji entered with Wolverine and Brass Deathwatch's HQ and they found Ghost Rider again. Yuji decided to tell his allies should know his son's whole story after nearly a fight broke out again between them. He pushed his son the ground and told him to tell Ghost Rider and Wolverine the story. After his son was finished he told the heroes that Emmaline and Jack were just innocent pawns in this story and that Ghost Rider was there by accident too. Yuji and his allies went deeper into Deathwatch's HQ where they were attacked by mercenaries. Yuji fought alongside the heroes against them.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#70) - He went upstairs with Wolverine and they met several ninjas on their way. Wolverine saved Yuji from one ninja who hid behind a door and Yuji told Wolverine that he hoped that his son would give up his vendetta because it only led to more blood. They reunited with Ghost Rider and Brass on the floor where Emmaline and Jack were kept. Yuji and the others entered the room with Emmaline and Jack and were surrounded by mercenaries. Langley introduced himself as the one responsible and sent his Triad Brothers against them. Yuji held one Triad Brother back for an attack by Wolverine. He survived the ordered execution when Deathwatch stopped the mercenaries from shooting the intruders.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#71) - Yuji told Ghost Rider to stop when he fought Brass and Wolverine, but the spirit of vengeance didn't listen to him because he had a plan. Yuji later freed his daughter and was impressed with Ghost Rider's planning. Yuji left the exploding building with Ghost Rider on his bike. On the ground he took a van to get Jack and Emmaline to medical attention.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#64 (69 (fb), 64, 66-71

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