(of the pre-current Multiverse reality mirroring Earth-92131)

Real Name: Robert Bruce Banner

Identity/Class: Human mutate, native of a reality in the Multiverse that existed prior to the current Big Bang (extratemporal/extradimensional/alternate reality);
    His reality shared several features with the current Multiverse's Earth-92131, albeit with several differences (see comments)

Occupation: Savage;
    former scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Rick Jones, the X-Men (Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Wolverine/Logan)

Enemies: The Humanoids, the Leader (Samuel Sterns), Major Talbot, Gen. "Thunderbolt" Ross, X-Factor (Val Cooper, Havok/Alex Summers, Polaris/Lorna, Wildchild)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Behemoth," "The Big Galoot," "Big Guy," "Buttercup," "Doc," "Greenie," "Greenskin," "Hulkie," "the Hulkster," "Jade Jaws," "Pal," "Tall & Gruesome," "Ugly" (nicknames)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the USA;
    formerly a bunker in the New Mexico desert

First Appearance: (mentioned) Spider-Man Adventures I#1 (December, 1994);
    (seen as a statue) Spider-Man Adventures I#14 (January, 1996);
    (fully seen) Adventures of the X-Men I#1 (April, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Bruce Banner possessed the ability to transform into the monstrous Hulk whenever his anger or stress became too much to control. As the Hulk, Banner had superhuman strength and durability.

    In his normal human form, Dr. Banner was a gifted scientist with impressive scientific knowledge and computer skills.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 7'0")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 1040 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown; (as Hulk) green
Hair: Brown; (as Hulk) green

(Adventures of the X-Men I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Dr. Bruce Banner was an innocent scientist.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#2 (fb)) - Supervising the testing of the Gamma Bomb within a bunker in the New Mexico desert, Dr. Banner was alerted to the presence of someone out on the test site. Rushing outside, Dr. Banner found a jalopy housing a young kid named Rick Jones and, in an effort to save Jones from the Gamma Bomb blast, Dr. Banner hurled Jones into a ditch, only to be caught into the Bomb blast himself.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#1 (fb) - BTS/Adventures of the X-Men I#2 (fb)) - Banner was transformed into the monstrous Hulk by the gamma radiation.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Afterwards, whenever Banner's anger flared up, he became the incredible Hulk.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Hulk tangled with the mutant Wolverine. The savage Hulk eventually became so much of nationwide problem that the Pentagon financed an enormous fortress in the New Mexico desert for the purposes of capturing and incarcerating the Hulk. This base came to be called Hulkbuster Base and it was equipped with the latest military technology.

(Spider-Man Adventures I#1 - BTS) - While battling the Lizard, who ripped a manhole cover from the street and jumped into the sewers, Spider-Man pursued and thought to himself how the manhole cover looked as if it had gotten in the middle of a fight between the Thing and the Hulk.

(Spider-Man Adventures I#14 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, the Hulk's likeness was used for a giant statue in New York's Marvels theme park, which was erected near the park's House of Mirrors attraction.

(Spider-Man Adventures I#14 - BTS) - Following Spider-Man's defeat of Doctor Octopus in the Marvels theme park's House of Mirrors, he changed back into his civilian clothes and reunited with his date Mary Jane Watson outside the House of Mirrors as the state of the Hulk loomed over them.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Hulk leaped across the United States, prompting newspapers to report that the Hulk was wrecking havoc all across the countryside.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Feeling as if the threat of the Hulk was overwhelming, Hulkbuster Base sent the government-sanctioned X-Factor team, who typically only hunted mutants, to capture the Hulk.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#1) - While leaping across the Colorado Rocky Mountains, unaware he was being tracked by the X-Factor team, the Hulk nearly landed on the vacationing Wolverine. Thinking Hulk's landing to be an attack, given their past scuffle, Wolverine extended his claws and prepared for an attack. When the Hulk recognized Wolverine and grumbled that he didn't wish to fight, only to be left alone, the angry Wolverine slashed the Hulk, reminding him of recent reports of the Hulk wrecking havoc. Figuring he would have to stop the Hulk's rampage, Wolverine was instead flung against a large boulder by the Hulk, who then charged at the mutant. Calming as he recalled that the Hulk was really scientist Dr. Bruce Banner, Wolverine dodged the Hulk's charge and counterattacked, warning the Hulk to calm down. The Hulk responded by again hurling Wolverine away but Wolverine halted his momentum by stabbing his claws into two trees. Before the two could renew their battle, however, X-Factor appeared and announced their plans to apprehend the Hulk.

    When X-Factor attacked Wolverine for interfering in their mission, the Hulk, tired of fighting, attempted to leap away but Havok hit the Hulk from behind with a plasma burst. The quickly-recovering Hulk then slowly began to approach X-Factor, shrugging off Havok's strongest blasts, until Polaris disrupted the iron content in Hulk's blood, causing him to pass out. After similarly apprehending Wolverine, Havok had them both shackled in Omnium Steel-plated restraints, noting his suspicions that an angry Hulk could still snap the restraints. X-Factor then returned to Hulkbuster Base and turned their captives over to the Base's Major Talbot.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#2 (fb) - BTS) - As soon as the Hulk was turned over to Hulkbuster Base, the personnel there implanted a tracking device in him in case of a kidnapping or escape attempt.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#1) - Reviving due to his healing factor, Wolverine forced one of the Hulkbuster soldiers to reveal where he had been taken, learning of the Base's purpose to capture the Hulk, and after taking care of the guards, Wolverine disguised himself as one of the soldiers and communicated back to the New York to inform the X-Men of the situation he was in alongside the Hulk. After arranging for the X-Men to assist in busting out of Hulkbuster Base, Wolverine followed some of the other soldiers to the Hulk, who had been pumped full of anesthesia while scientists studied him.

    Upon seeing the captured Hulk, Wolverine questioned whether the Hulk was truly the menace he was made out to be and he decided to free the Hulk, recalling his own past of being experimented on. Moments after freeing the Hulk, however, the Leader burst into the room and announced his intentions to acquire the Hulk himself.

(Adventures of the X-Men I#2) - The Leader's Humanoids began freeing the still-drugged Hulk and while Wolverine attempted to fight back, his claws were ineffective against the Leader's pliable Humanoids and the Leader absconded with the Hulk. The X-Men soon arrived to rescue Wolverine and General "Thunderbolt" Ross briefed the X-Men on the Hulk's origins and the purpose of the Hulkbuster Base. After hearing the story, Wolverine announced his plans to rescue the Hulk himself and Ross revealed that they could locate the Hulk via an implanted tracking device before ordering X-Factor to aid in recapturing the Hulk. X-Factor agreed that the Leader was a bigger threat than the Hulk and they opted to accompany the X-Men in tracking down the Hulk. As the two teams flew off to find the Hulk, the Leader hooked the drugged Hulk to his Cognitive Dream Inducer as part of a plot to manipulate Dr. Bruce Banner into unknowingly controlling gamma radiation that the Leader planned to unleash upon the world's major population centers so that he could offer a cure for the gamma poisoning in exchange for total surrender to his will.

    His mind forced into a realistic dreamworld by the Cognitive Dream Inducer where he did not become the Hulk and happily married Betty Ross, a calmed Hulk reverted back to his Dr. Bruce Banner form and the Leader began changes to the dream that prompted Banner to unknowingly begin manipulating the Leader's gamma ray satellites. As the satellites moved into positions, the X-Men and X-Factor busted into the Leader's headquarters to rescue the Hulk. The Leader sent his Humanoids to battle the mutants as he completed his manipulations of Banner. Announcing that he had used Banner to his full advantage, the Leader escaped behind a steel door as Jean Grey telepathically entered Banner's mind to pull him free of the Leader's illusions. Realizing his ideal world was nothing more than an illusion, Banner came to his senses and began recalculating the Leader's satellites until the stress caused him to transform into the Hulk. When the Hulk recognized X-Factor from their earlier attack on him, X-Factor rushed to recapture him as the Beast finished Banner's calculations and halted the Leader's plans but the Hulk swatted Wildchild aside and nearly killed Havok before Polaris intervened. Recognizing Polaris' powers making him dizzy like before, the Hulk created a sonic wave by clapping that knocked Polaris aside then leaped away, wishing to be left alone. X-Factor prepared to pursue but Wolverine intervened, warning that X-Factor would have to get through him to get to the Hulk. When the other X-Men joined Wolverine in opposing X-Factor, Havok had X-Factor step down and he later reported back to General Ross that the Hulk "regrettably" got away.

(Adventures of Spider-Man I#4 - BTS) - While battling the criminal Vulture, Spider-Man protected the Vulture's young victim from falling rubble and, while struggling to keep the rubble from harming the boy, Spider-Man remarked that he felt like he had just went fifteen rounds with the Hulk.

(Adventures of Spider-Man I#5 - BTS) - Following a defeat by the Rhino, Spider-Man thought to himself how his back felt like the Hulk had used it for a trampoline.

Comments: Created by Ralph Macchio, Ben Herrera and Mike Christian.

    While the current Multiverse uses the Core Continuum Designation system to identify each Earth/reality, we do not know what sort of system was used in the previous iteration of the Multiverse(s). However, in an infinite Multiverse, there would be a reality that mirrors this reality within the current Multiverse. Therefore, the Hulk in this profile is from a pre-current Multiverse reality that shared some similarities with the current Multiverse's Earth-92131.

    For further clarification, reality-92131 is the main reality seen in the X-Men: The Animated Series and Spider-Man cartoons of the 1990s. This reality was originally thought to also include the X-Men '92 series of comic books but those comics have since been confirmed as their own reality apart from Earth-92131 or the pre-current Multiverse reality that mirrors it. The pre-current Multiverse reality that mirrors the current Earth-92131 encompasses all three volumes of the X-Men Adventures comic book, the Spider-Man Adventures comic book, the Adventures of the X-Men comic book and the Adventures of Spider-Man comic book (and possibly others such as children's books based on the cartoons or other kid-friendly publications of the time). While the comics started out adapting cartoon episodes into comic book form with several minor variations, they eventually strayed from the cartoon completely, telling new stories set in that reality and using art designs modeled after the cartoons. Therefore, the main reality seen in these comic books would not actually BE Earth-92131 but rather (judging from the final issue of the Adventures of the X-Men comic), a reality existing in and prior to the current iteration of the Multiverse that shared many features with the current Multiverse's Earth-92131.

    All characters in this profile are from the prior Multiverse's reality mirroring Earth-92131 unless otherwise noted.

    Hulk was presumably killed when his entire reality (along with the pre-current Multiverse) was destroyed in Adventures of the X-Men I#12.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The pre-current Multiverse Hulk
should be distinguished from:

Hulkbuster Base

Hulkbuster Base was a secret military base located in the New Mexico desert that was dedicated to the capture and incarceration of the Hulk. Following the Hulk's origin and his subsequent rampages, Hulkbuster Base was financed by the Pentagon, provided with the latest in military technology, and General "Thunderbolt" Ross was placed in charge of the base. Eventually thinking perhaps the mutant abilities of the government-sanctioned X-Factor team might be able to help take down the Hulk, Ross arranged for X-Factor to capture the Hulk and following the Hulk's successful capture, the Hulk was brought to Hulkbuster Base and placed under anesthesia while the Base studied him. Wolverine, who been captured alongside the Hulk, soon escaped his bounds and made his way through the Base to free the Hulk, only for the Hulk to be captured by the criminal Leader, who busted his way into the Base. When the Leader absconded with the Hulk, Ross met with X-Factor, Wolverine and Wolverine's teammates in the X-Men at Hulkbuster Base to discuss how they should next proceed. All present agreed to bring the Hulk back to Hulkbuster Base but when the X-Men freed the Hulk, they instead allowed him to go free and X-Factor returned to Hulkbuster Base to report that the Hulk got away.

--Adventures of the X-Men I#1 (fb) - BTS (#1-2,

Rick Jones

Rick Jones was a teenager who drove his run-down automobile out onto the test for the Gamma Bomb. Informed that someone was out on the site, Dr. Bruce Banner ran out onto the test site and knocked Jones into a ditch for his own safety, only to be bombarded with radiation from the Gamma Bomb himself and transformed into the monstrous Hulk.

Rick Jones did not have green skin...the flashback that showed him was tinted green and he was only seen in that flashback.

--Adventures of the X-Men I#2 (fb)

Major Talbot

Major Talbot was a military major working at Hulkbuster Base. When X-Factor returned to Hulkbuster Base with the captured Hulk and Wolverine, Talbot commended X-Factor and remarked that they were the finest of "their kind" (mutants).

--Adventures of the X-Men I#1

General "Thunderbolt" Ross

General "Thunderbolt" Ross was the military leader of Hulkbuster Base, a secret military facility dedicated to the capture of the incredible Hulk. After sending the government-sanctioned X-Factor team to locate and capture the Hulk, Ross briefly fell under the influence of the criminal Leader as the Leader broke into Hulkbuster Base to capture the Hulk for himself. Following the Leader's kidnapping of the Hulk, Ross, having regained his senses, met with X-Factor and the X-Men (who had come to Hulkbuster Base to rescue their similarly-captured teammate, Wolverine). Discussing the Hulk's origins, Ross and the two mutant teams agreed that the Hulk had to be brought back to Hulkbuster Base before the Leader could utilize him for some nefarious purpose. After the X-Men freed the Hulk and allowed him to go free rather than suffer more persecution, X-Factor returned to Ross and reported that the Hulk had gotten away.

--Adventures of the X-Men I#1 (#2,

images: (without ads)
Adventures of the X-Men I#2, p5, pan7 (Hulk, main image)
Adventures of the X-Men I#2, p19, pan9 (Dr. Bruce Banner, headshot)
Adventures of the X-Men I#1, front cover (Hulk vs. Wolverine)
Adventures of the X-Men I#1, p1-2, splash page (Hulk landing from a jump)
Adventures of the X-Men I#1, p13, pan1 (Hulkbuster Base)
Adventures of the X-Men I#2, p5, pan3 (Rick Jones)
Adventures of the X-Men I#1, p14, pan3 (Major Talbot)
Adventures of the X-Men I#2, p4, pan3 (General "Thunderbolt" Ross)

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Adventures of Spider-Man I#5 (August, 1996) - Nel Yomtov (writer), Andy Kuhn (pencils), Rob Stull (inks), Mark Powers (editor)

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