Real Name: Anthony Stark (alternate earth)

Identity/Class: Human, Technology user

Occupation: Agent of Xcon

Affiliations: Xcon; pawn of White Wolf

Enemies: "Happy Pants" Black Panther, Black Panther, Junta, Queen Divine Justice

Known Relatives: Technically, same as Earth-616's Iron Man, including Morgan Stark (cousin), Howard Stark (father, deceased), and Maria Stark (mother, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Stark Enterprises

First Appearance: Black Panther III#44 (July, 2002)

Other Appearances: Black Panther III#45 

Powers/Abilities: Xcon's Iron Man possesses all of the knowledge and experience of Earth 616's Iron Man. For combat with the Black Panther, he donned a special suit of stealth armor his counterpart had developed which was immune to the Panther's sensory powers and anti-metal claws. Also like his counterpart, the Xcon Iron Man had an artificial heart based on Ultron's technology.

History: (Black Panther III#45 (fb, BTS))- The organization Xcon, having acquired King Solomon's Brass Frogs to replace the Canadian Prime Minister and American President with their future selves, also summoned a version of Iron Man from 6 seconds into the future. Upon his arrival, he was extremely susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, which Xcon used to subvert him to their side. At some point, the Black Panther determined Xcon had performed this task, although he was not certain whether the true Iron Man had been replaced or not.

(Black Panther III#44)- Having learnt that the Black Panther was en route to Washington to remove the phony President and Prime Minister, Xcon's Iron Man donned a suit of stealth armor the other Tony Stark had built especially for combating the Black Panther.

(Black Panther III#45)- He caught up to the Black Panther in Washington (unaware that he was battling the "Happy Pants" Black Panther), but the Panther was prepared for him, and was able to detect him through his cloak by spraying his armor with ammonia. He was finally defeated when the Panther placed a cryptograph on his armor which entered Ultronic code (the code Ultron uses when jumping bodies) into his artificial heart, causing a massive heart attack. Soundly beaten, he was returned to his own time by Abner Little using King Solomon's Frogs.

Comments: Created by Christopher Priest and Sal Velluto.

Images were graciously provided by Bob Almond.

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