waynesboro-kate-ohotmuKATE WAYNESBORO

Real Name: Dr. Katherine "Kate" Waynesboro

Identity/Class: Human mutate (possibly formerly)

Occupation: Agent of S.H.I.E..L.D.;
    former assistant to Bruce Banner

Group Membership: S.H.I.E..L.D.;
    formerly the Warbound (Elloe Kaifi, Hiroim the Oldstrong, Korg, No-Name of the Brood)

Affiliations: A-Bomb (Rick Jones), Branch, Bruce the shark, Bruce Banner (Hulk), Deadpool (Jack; aka Wade Wilson), Deborah the shark, Timothy "Dum-Dum" Dugan LMD, Harpy (Marlo Chandler), Husk (Paige Guthrie), Gabe Jones, Leland Katapang, Manphibian, Master Matrix, Mockingbird (Barbara Morse), Clay Quartermain LMD, Red She-Hulk (Betty Banner), Screwball, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Silk (Cindy Moon), Skaar, Spider-Man (Peter Parker); several agents of S.H.I.E..L.D. (including an unidentified dentist);
    formerly Hellcow (Bessie)

Enemies: Abomination (Emil Blonsky), A.I.M., Boomerang (Fred Myers), Chameleon (Dmitri Smerdyakov), Circus of Crime (Bruto the Strongman/Bruce Olafsen, Clown/Elliot Franklin, Fire-Eater/Tomas Ramirez, Great Gambonnos/Ernest & Luigi Gambonno, Human Cannonball/Jack Pulver, Live Wire/Rance Preston, Princess Python/Zelda DuBois & Precious, Rajah/Kahir Mahadevu & Sultan, Ringmaster/Maynard Tiboldt, Teena the Fat Lady/Mary Stenson), H.A.M.M.E.R., Victoria Hand, Hellcow (Bessie), Leader (Samuel Sterns), Melee, Miek, MODOK, Norman Osborn, Recordasphere, Max Stryker

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Formerly Ms. MODOK, Kate Oldstrong

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
    formerly the Northwind Observatory

Education: Ph.D. in physics with specialization in gamma radiation

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#287 (September, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: As a trained S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, she is a good combatant and good with the use of weapons.

    She is an expert in physics, especially gamma radiation and its effects.

    Kate recently possessed (and may still possess) the Old Power, allowing her seismic and tectonic powers, including control over rock, and the ability to sense Gamma and Old Power energies. The Old Power boosts Waynesboro’s strength and durability.

    During her brief time as Ms. MODOK, Kate had access to a wide variety of mental powers as well, similar to but less than (or, at least, she was less proficent with them) those of MODOK.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 134 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

At some point, Kate Waynesboro, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., was assigned to spy on Bruce Banner AKA the Hulk. Despite the fact Banner controlled the Hulk at the time, S.H.I.E.L.D. wanted to ensure it stayed that way, and the savage Hulk would not return.civilian - original main

(Incredible Hulk II#287) - Bruce Banner met his new research assistant, Katherine Waynesboro. She was shocked when Bruce changed into the Hulk in front of her to show her what it was like. Bruce showed Kate all of his research and the Recordasphere, which got jealous because Bruce was paying so much attention to Kate. Later the Recordasphere spied on Kate as she sent a message back to S.H.I.E.L.D. saying she had infiltrated the Northwind Observatory and gained Bruce's trust successfully.

(Incredible Hulk II#288) - Kate picked up Bruce after a dentist appointment. The dentist was actually another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, whom Kate shared information with before leaving. On the ride back to the observatory, Bruce and Kate talked until Kate began to apparently come on to Bruce. The Recordasphere, which had heard Kate's conversation with the dentist, became incredibly jealous and sabotaged the car that Bruce and Kate were in. The car crashed, but Bruce, as Hulk, rescued Kate. She thanked him with a kiss.

(Incredible Hulk II#289) - Recordasphere confronted Kate and told her that it knew she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. spy. The Recordasphere then armed itself with a laser and pointed it at Kate. Before the Recordasphere could fire however, the Abomination (who had been sent by MODOK) busted in and destroyed it. Kate then took out an "ion-disrupter" and shot at the Abomination. Bruce ran onto the scene and was startled to see Kate holding the weapon. Kate admitted that it was S.H.I.E.L.D. issue and that she was an agent. Bruce was naturally distraught, but fought and defeated the Abomination nonetheless.  Kate tried to talk Bruce afterward, but the Abomination quickly grabbed Kate and escaped before Bruce could do anything about it. Ms. MODOK


(Incredible Hulk II#290) - The Abomination went to MODOK's hideout only to find that AIM had driven his employer out. The Abomination offered AIM his help. Recognizing Kate as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, the scientists, who knew MODOK would be back eventually, decided to create a new MODOK out of Kate. Bruce, as the Hulk, and MODOK both attacked AIM, but by then, Kate had turned into Ms. MODOK.  Instead of fighting for AIM, however, she joined with Bruce and MODOK and defeated AIM. Afterward, she did not listen to reason, as the procedure had warped her mind. She said she wished to be the bride of MODOK, until she witnessed MODOK's callous disregard for life, at which point she no longer wanted him. She attacked MODOK, who fought back, eventually driving her back on to AIM's alteration platform. MODOK soon fled from the power of the Hulk, who found Kate changed her back into normal. The Hulk picked Kate up, reasoning that MODOK had deliberately driven her back onto the platform to restore her humanity. He also hypothesized that Kate--as Ms. Modok--had struck a chord in MODOK that he had never known was there: mercy.

(BTS) - Kate quit S.H.I.E.L.D. to be with Bruce.

(Incredible Hulk II#292) - Bruce and Kate met a scientist at a Mexican university who has been using the gammascope to increase food production. Later, Bruce talked with Kate that perhaps things were going too fast (both with the gamma research, and with their relationship). The next morning, Bruce and Kate saw that the irradiated crops were burned (by the Dragon Man). Later, Kate was present during Hulk's fight with the Circus of Crime, and assisted him by helping him escape the Ringmaster's control.

(Incredible Hulk II#293) - Bruce and Kate got back to New York, and at the Airport, Kate was present while a man tried to shoot Bruce in retaliation for when Hulk had destroyed his town a while back. Kate and Bruce went to the Baxter Building to use some of Reed Richard's equipment. When it exploded, Kate was shielded by the explosion by Bruce, who turned into Hulk just in time. Over dinner, they talked about the Hulk, and how Bruce decided that he wanted to spend his life making amends for his misdeeds as the Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk II#294) - After helping Bruce in an experiment in which he cured a sick dog with gamma radiation, Kate was kidnapped by Boomerang, under order of Max Stryker. Max had her kidnapped so he could use her as a hostage and force Bruce to try to cure his cancer with gamma radiation. Unwillingly Bruce subjected him to the experimental treatment.

(Incredible Hulk II#295) - After being delayed for a week during the Secret Wars, Hulk came back and rescued Kate, but nearly reverted into his savage persona in the process. They went back to the Observatory, where they discovered that Stryker had been using the experimental gamma treatment on a large number of sick people. Kate watched as Hulk seemed to act more savagely and worried he might revert to his savage persona.

(Incredible Hulk II#296) - Stryker turned into a Hulk-like monster and fought with Hulk while Kate went to help ailing people who were having bad side-effects from the gamma treatment. Kate watched as Hulk fully reverted to his savage persona, and was emotionally crushed by it. Rom showed up and Kate filled him in. He drained the radiation out of Stryker and the other people who had received the gamma treatment, but could not do it for the Hulk, whose DNA had long been changed by the radiation. During the fight that ensued between Hulk and Rom, Kate ran over to tried and help, but the Hulk just knocked her aside. Bruce regained control very briefly and was very upset at what he had done, but then reverted again and leaped away as Kate wept.

(Incredible Hulk II#297) - Kate agreed to help S.H.I.E.L.D. stop the Hulk, who was on a rampage, but was shocked to hear they would kill him if they needed to.

(Incredible Hulk II#298) - Kate, who was back working for S.H.I.E.L.D. along with other agents, tracked down Hulk. The Hulk defeated all the agents,  but when he grabbed Kate, Bruce Banner managed to take control again for a few seconds. He told Kate to run. Bruce then reverted back into his savage form, hit Kate and left.

(Incredible Hulk II#299) - Kate worked again with all the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in trying to halt the rampaging Hulk.  S.H.I.E.L.D. tried everything, but the Hulk defeated the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents again. Kate tried again to help Bruce regain control, but it was no use, as the Hulk just pushed her aside. During the confrontation she realized that Bruce would rather be dead than be the savage Hulk.

(Incredible Hulk II#300) - While S.H.I.E.L.D. made another attempt at stopping the Hulk, Kate decided she couldn't be a part of this anymore and turned around and left.

(Incredible Hulk III#100/2 - BTS) - Kate Waynesboro apparently became Gabe Jones' girlfriend and wasstill with him (alternatively, they could just be co-workers and Amadeus Cho was just joking about her being his girlfriend).

(World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound I#1 (fb) – BTS) – After the Hulk declared war on Earth with his team of aliens, he was eventually defeated, and Kate Waynesboro was assigned with other agents to help clean up the mess.

(World War Hulk: Aftersmash#1/2 (fb) ) – Dum-Dum Dugan summoned Waynesboro to the Negative Zone Prison, where he assigned her to interrogate the villainous Miek about ways to take down the Hulk’s allies, the Warbound. She questioned Miek about Elloe Kaifi.

(World War Hulk: Aftersmash#2/2 (fb) ) – Waynesboro questioned Miek about No-Name of the Brood.

(World War Hulk: Aftersmash#3/2 (fb) ) – Waynesboro questioned Miek about Korg.waynesboro-kate-shadow

(World War Hulk: Aftersmash#4/2 (fb) ) – Miek revealed to Waynesboro that he’d been hitting her with chemicals that would make her want to help the Warbound instead of defeating them. He sent her forward to do so.

(World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound#1/1) – Kate and other agents were measuring gamma radiation when alien dinosaurs attacked, but Korg and No-Name of the Warbound, Hulk’s allies, saved the agents. Kate rushed after Korg and No-Name, determined to arrest them, but she found Hiroim tending to a wounded Elloe Kaifi. As S.H.I.E.L.D. closed in, Waynesboro was grabbed by the Warbound as they teleported to safety, after Hiroim disappeared in a flash. They landed in the desert in New Mexico, and Waynesboro immediately called S.H.I.E.L.D., then she tended to Elloe as the military, including Sgt. Leland Katapang, closed in. Soon, the Leader, who had taken Hiroim, triggered a massive explosion, after which he welcomed Waynesboro and the Warbound to “Gammaworld”.

(World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound#2/1) – Determining that the Leader was drawing upon Hiroim’s power to create a giant Gamma dome over the area, Waynesboro worked with the Warbound, Katapang, and others to save as many civilians as possible from attacking gamma creatures. Waynesboro commented on how in danger they all were from the gamma radiation, after which she helped Hiroim calm himself enough to open a portal and free many of the civilians. Many of the others fused together as a giant gamma creature called the Horde and attacked.

(World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound#3/1) – Waynesboro tried turning her gun on Hiroim to convince him to keep the tunnel open, but she instead opened fire on the Horde, even as the Leader revealed his involvement, corrupting Hiroim’s power. Waynesboro helped the Warbound identify the Leader’s power source, and she analyzed it, realizing the Leader was trying to cure his own gamma poisoning by creating more radiation. After Waynesboro apologized to Hiroim for the pressure she’d put on him, she got on a comm device and tricked the Leader into thinking his plan was killing him instead, and then the Warbound attacked the villain.

(World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound#4) – As the others battled the Leader, Waynesboro realized that the only way to destroy the gamma-dome was if Hiroim died. Hiroim seemingly sacrificed himself before Waynesboro realized that if he did so, everyone within the dome would die of radiation poisoning. As Hiroim turned out to be okay, the Leader and his robots attacked.

(World War Hulk: AFtersmash Warbound#5 (fb) – BTS) – Waynesboro injected nano-bots into one of the Leader’s cannons, seeking to take it over.

(World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound#5) – In Gammaworld, Waynesboro tried to call off the  S.H.I.E.L.D. strike, even as the Leader tried to turn the Warbound against her. As Hiroim discovered his Old Power was being absorbed by the robots, Waynesboro gave her nannites to Elloe, then Waynesboro attacked the Leader directly, hitting him in the head with her bag. The Leader was buried in a crash, and the Warbound worried that Waynesboro had been killed with him, but instead he’d teleported her over with him to the crowd of mind-controlled civilians and Melee. Controlled by the Leader, Waynesboro opened fire on the Warbound until Elloe hit her, then she impaled Leader on a stick, breaking his mind control. The Leader absorbed the Old Power, charging himself up into a grey-skinned and super-strong foe, but Hiroim attacked him, fighting for control of the Old Power. After Hiroim was seemingly killed, Kate rushed over to his body, and he transferred the Old Power over to her. As the Warbound called her Kate Oldstrong, Waynesboro defeated the Leader, then joined the team in stopping Melee. They realized they needed to stay there to defend Gammaworld.

(Planet Skaar Prologue#1 (fb) – BTS) – Waynesboro and the Warbound protected Gammaworld until H.A.M.M.E.R. agents were able to breach the dome and prepare those inside (see comments).

(Planet Skaar Prologue#1) – Waynesboro met with Norman Osborn, advocating for the Warbound, but he informed her that they’d already been given a pardon. Osborn was asking Waynesboro about her powers when she suddenly felt her powers activate, as she became aware of Skaar landing on Earth. Waynesboro went to Korg, telling him that Skaar needed help. Finding herself connected to Skaar, Waynesboro recounted his history, then she cried out when he was in pain.

(Skaar: Son of Hulk#11 (fb) – BTS) – Waynesboro evaded a H.A.M.M.E.R. team and fled with the Warbound.

(Skaar: Son of Hulk#11) – In Missouri, Waynesboro used her Old Power to determine that the Hulk had confronted Skaar, who was now dead but also not dead. Later, they found Skaar, amid flames after a battle, and Waynesboro introduced herself as the Warbound pledged their loyalty. Skaar instead attacked them, wanting only to know how to kill his father, but then the Hulk arrived.

(Skaar: Son of Hulk#12) – As the Hulk and Skaar battled, Waynesboro pointed out to the Warbound that there was a nuclear power plant nearby. After the towers were damaged, Waynesboro worked with the others, including Hulk, in stabilizing the towers, using her Old Power to reinforce them. Skaar stabbed Hulk, then departed of his own accord.

(Dark Reign: The List – Hulk#1) – Waynesboro was apprehended by H.A.M.M.E.R., and Victoria Hand had scientists seek to strip the Old Power from her. Waynesboro broke free when Bruce Banner and Skaar attacked, and she kicked Hand before fleeing with her allies.

(Incredible Hulk I#604) – Back in Gammaworld, Waynesboro engaged in combat training with Bruce Banner, Skaar, A-Bomb (Rick Jones), and Korg. Waynesboro encouraged Bruce to slow down and enjoy life, and she reminded him of their past relationship. Banner took Waynesboro to the Leader’s lab, where he set off a temporal bomb to slow time outside while he researched, but then they were attacked by Marlo Chandler, back in her Harpy form. The fight went back to Gammaworld, while Waynesboro remained behind, but the Leader self-destructed his lab, and Waynesboro teleported back to Gammaworld. Waynesboro kissed Banner, then they got reports that the Mole Man was attacking New York.

(Incredible Hulks I#623) – In Gammaworld, with the Warbound, A-Bomb, Red She-Hulk (Betty Banner), Skaar, and She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters), Waynesboro tended to the Hulk, who was hurt in a battle with Zeus. Kate was wounded when Hulk lashed out, but she repaired herself with the Old Power. Hulk departed with the Warbound, leaving his other allies behind, and he asked Waynesboro to tend to A-Bomb.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#23 (fb) – BTS) – Deadpool recruited a team of bizarre agents to help him in recovering S.H.I.E.L.D. tech, and they stationed themselves on the USS Pool, a retrofitted Helicarrier. Kate Waynesboro joined other operatives, including Hellcow, a Clay Quartermain LMD who was bonded with Branch (an off-shoot of the Man-Thing), Screwball, Manphibian, and Bruce and Deborah (talking sharks).

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#23) – Waynesboro worked on fixing old tech that they could sell, with Hellcow as her assistant. Spider-Man snuck aboard the ship, sparring with Deadpool.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#24) – Waynesboro waited with the others while Deadpool and Spider-Man completed a mission in Tabula Rasa.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#25) – Waynesboro repaired a radiation leak in the USS Pool above Tabula Rasa, and she was prepared to leave Deadpool and Spider-Man there, but the two heroes escaped inside. Deadpool high-fived Waynesboro for her willingness to make hard sacrifices.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#27) – Now working with Husk, Deadpool planned to invade and raid Area 14, but Waynesboro warned them she felt it was a death trap. She recommended Deadpool approach Vault 07, as it contained a sentient venereal disease. Later, she helped the team get back to safety, and she commended Quartermain on his prowess in the mission.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#28) – Waynesboro and the others confronted Deadpool on his weird relationship with Spider-Man, then they discussed the threat of the Chameleon and his army of LMDs.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#30) – With Silk and Mockingbird now as part of their operation, Waynesboro helped track Chameleon’s LMDs, which were committing crimes across the city.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#35) – Aboard the USS Pool, Waynesboro helped the others track Master Matrix.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#36) – Finding out that Hellcow had betrayed the group to the Chameleon, Waynesboro hit the cow with an electric prod multiple times in a fury. The USS Pool was crashed to help defeat Master Matrix, and Chameleon was soon arrested.

(Spider-Man/Deadpool#40) – Waynesboro and Quartermain investigated the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility in Cleveland, discovering that the tech they’d appropriated had been returned, and the rest of the team discovered similar things. They determined that Master Matrix was trying to fix Deadpool’s past mistakes.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo and  Sal Buscema.

    A very sad story. Bruce Banner always comes so close to being truly happy, but never manages to attain it. Jarella being killed by Crypto-Man, Betty dying at the hand of Abomination, Kate leaving a mindless Hulk behind with Bruce trapped somewhere deep within, it has become a constant in the Marvel Universe.

Big thanks to The Incredible Hulk: Engine of Destruction for the image.

    According to Marvel Year-in-Review '92, Ms. Modok was seen on a date with the Spot at a Bar with No Name in Springdale, CT (hometown of Speedball). The two had probably met on a blind date, since Ms. Modok couldn't even remember the Spot's name. Ms. Modok listened in some bewilderment as the Spot claimed to have been "Spider-Man's greatest adversary in years." With the rest of the Bar crowd, the couple listened to the standup act of the Jester; the evening ended when the Scourge of the Underworld emerged from a clock that had formerly been the robot Tomazooma and began shooting up the place. Ms. Modok and the Spot departed along with most of the crowd, with apparently no fatalities.
    Continuity-wise, a lot of MYIR's content was highly questionable, to say the least; however, if one chooses to take the scenario seriously, it may be that Kate Waynesboro suffered a brief relapse into her Ms. Modok form and found herself socializing with the super-villain crowd for a time as she sought a reversal of the condition.
- Ronald Byrd

    Worth adding in the comments I'd say (of course, MYIR could have mistaken Modam for Ms.Modok, though I can't think why AIM would let her go to a bar) - Loki

Planet Skaar Prologue#1 noted that the Warbound had protected Gammaworld for a year, but that's a topical reference.

Kate Waynesboro has a profile in World War Hulk: The Gamma Files.

PROFILE BY STUNNER, minor updating (Comments) by Luis Dantas;
    extensive updates (2007+) by Chadman

CLARIFICATIONS: No connection to:

  • WAYNE, BRUCE of Earth-Amalgam - director of S.H.I.E.L.D.-- Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.#1
  • WAYNE,JACK - splinter personality of Legion, desired destruction of all other personalities in order to gain control himself --New Mutants#26
  • KATE - keeper of heartbreak hotel, older female mutant, doesn't use powers--Beauty and the Beast#1
  • MODAM - another female version of Modok, formerly known as SODAM and the Maria Troyvana imposter @ Solo Avengers#16
  • Any other "Kate" or "Wayne" characters

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