Real Name: Vron-Ikka

Identity/Class: Extra-Terrestrial (Kree)

Occupation: Soldier, espionage agent

Affiliations: Member of the Kree Army, one-time lover of Rick Jones

Enemies: Skrulls and other enemies of the Kree Empire

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Veronica, "Ronnie"

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Avengers Spotlight #25/2 (Mid November; 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Basis Kree military training, excellent espionage agent, totally loyal to the Kree Empire (she slept with Rick Jones in order to get info out of him)

History: (bts): Send by the Kree Empire to get information out of Rick Jones who has just released his book "Sidekick"- Meets him and goes home with him, spending the night with him
(ASPOT#25): In the morning talks with Rick Jones, surprised when a lot of different aliens comes to Rick's house. Identity learned by Kholdsor a skrull, he tries to shoot her, but Rick Jones throws him out, not believing him to be a true skrull. Finally follows Rick Jones and Betty Banner to an intergalactic auction over Rick's book "Sidekick", revealed to be a Kree major. When Rick leaves the auction, stays there, thanking him for a nice time together
(MAXSEC#3-bts): <Potentially> Like all other Kree, turned into a second generation Kree (Ruul) *


Comments: Created by Glenn Herdling & Dwight Jon Zimmerman (writers), Rod Ramos (artist)

* I'm assuming that Major Vron-Ikka was turned into a second generation Kree (Ruul), like the rest of the Kree....., since as far as I know Una was one of the few Kree's who weren't turned into a Ruul

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