Real Name: Theoric

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional being (Asgardian)

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Crimson Hawks

Affiliations: Odin, Sigyn

Enemies: Geirrodur, Loki, Rock Trolls

Known Relatives: Sigyn (fiancee at time of death)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Asgard

First Appearance: Thor Annual#14 (1989)

Powers/Abilities: He possessed the standard powers of an Asgardian God.

History: (Thor Annual#14/4)- Theoric was a noble young warrior assigned to the Crimson Hawks, and betrothed to the goddess Sigyn. Three weeks before his wedding, Theoric was sent by Odin to patrol Asgard's southernmost border for threats to the kingdom, and Theoric accepted the mission.

Loki, desiring Sigyn for himself, contacted Geirrodur and his Rock Trolls, and bought them with gold to ambush Theoric's party and slaughter all of them. The trolls did as they were told, and Theoric died in battle. Loki then assumed Theoric's identity, and maintained it until after Odin had wed him to Sigyn.

Comments: Created by Randall Frenz, Jim Valentino and Gary Martin.

The story of Loki sending Theoric to his death is reminscent of King David sending Uriah the Hittite to his doom so that he could marry his wife Bathsheba in the Bible.

I assume Theoric went to Valhalla after hid death and perished during the Ragnarok in Thor II#85.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Thor Annual#14, page 54, panel 2
Thor Annual#14, page 55, panel 7

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