Real Name: Theodore Olebogeng

Identity/Class: Human civilian; South African

Occupation: None

Affiliations: Black Panther (T'Challa), Zanti Chikane

Enemies: Nkosi, South African Security Forces (Einer, Eugene Van der Merwe, many others)

Known Relatives: Walter Olebogeng (brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Black Township in the area around Pretoria, South Africa

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#19/2 (May, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: None

Theodore was a six-year old kid that liked to explore and play with dirt or a ball.

(MCP#19/2): Theodore played with a ball on the street when an army truck arrived in the Black Township and drove towards him. He didn't see it coming as he was too busy with getting his ball back.

(MCP#20/2): Theodore stood up with the ball in his hand and saw the truck heading directly to him. He was so scared that he wasn't able to move. The Black Panther jumped through the window of Slade's store and tackled Theodore out of the way. Theodore's ball was run over by the truck that sprayed tear-gas into the crowd. The tear-gas burnt in the eyes of Theodore and he was crying and running around, fearing the gas would eat his eyes and brain up. He came once again into the path of the truck, but Zanti held him back this time and calmed him down. The hatred for the driver of the truck grew in Theodore.

(MCP#21/2): Theodore was still panicky and Zanti had to hold him back. A woman came with some water and washed his eyes out. Theodore left with her when more soldiers arrived in the village.

(MCP#26/2 fb): Theodore had dreams about beating up Eugene Van der Merwe, who had driven the army truck that put the tear-gas into his eyes.

(MCP#26/2): Theodore crawled with his brother Walter and some friends to the scene where Moshigo was attacked by the Comrades. Theodore watched the happening and crawled nearer when he saw the Black Panther, who had saved him from being overrun by the army truck only days before.

(MCP#27/2): Theodore saw the Panther with the burning gasoline filled tire around his neck. He started a public water tap and tried to drag the Panther to it. Gasoline from a fallen over tank mixed itself with the water and Theodore fell into the mix. The Panther wasn't on fire anymore, but Nkosi of the Comrades dropped a burning match. The mixture in which Theodore was standing caught fire. The boy tried to run away from the fire, but it was faster, and his clothes started to burn. He couldn't outrun the pain. The Panther tried to stop him from running and threw him to the ground to snuff it out. The boy wasn't burning anymore, but he laid motionless in the arms of Black Panther.

(MCP#28/2): Black Panther cried for the kid, but there was still hope for Theodore. Black Panther asked Zanti where the nearest hospital was and ran with Theodore to his sonar glider and flew him to the hospital. At the hospital a nurse didn't want the boy to be there because it was a whites-only hospital, but a doctor helped the kid after some hard words from Black Panther. The doctor tried his best, but it was too late. Theodore died in the hospital.

Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Gene Colan.

The Coal Tiger name was a name originally considered for the Black Panther before Stan and Jack decided against it. Here's another, though: Coal Tiger

by Markus Raymond

Theodore and Walter Olebogeng should not be confused with:

Walter Olebogeng

Walter was the older brother of Theodore Olebogeng. He liked to watch dangerous things with his brother and his friends. One night they watched how Miyo Moshigo was attacked by the men of the village, because they thought he worked for the government. Walter told his brother Theodore that the Black Panther wasn't called Coal Tiger and was afraid when his brother crawled nearer to the fight scene. He didn't follow his brother when he helped Black Panther. He was shocked when he saw his brother hurt in the arms of Black Panther. He ran to his mother to tell her that the Panther had to bring his brother to the next hospital.

--Marvel Comics Presents#26/2 (27/2-28/2



Theodore Olebogeng full: Marvel Comics Presents#20, p12, pan5

Theodore Olebogeng face: Marvel Comics Presents#27, p12, pan41/font>

Walter Olebogeng: Marvel Comics Presents#27, p12, pan1

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