Membership: Juris Boshlovor, Volkhvy, at least nine additional unidentified members

Purpose: Governing body of Slorenia

Affiliations: Black Brigade, Tabissara (mercenary forces), Targoth

Enemies: Ember, Force Works (Century, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff, Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, USAgent/John Walker), Ice Harriers, Locomotive Breath, Slorenian Government, U.S. Army, War Machine (James Rhodes)

Aliases: "Elevenfold"

Base of Operations: Slorenia

First Appearance: Force Works#5 (October, 1994)

History: The post-Communist Slorenian government was made up of a council of eleven, ten members above ground, with Volkhvy ruling from underground. (Tabissara meaning "elevenfold" in Slorenian). Boshlovor seemed to be the spokesman for the council, with none of the others being named.

(Force Works#5) - Boshlovor and the Tabissara welcomed Force Works to Slorenia and informed them that the civil war raging was the result of the Dudak militating against the Slorene majority.  They also explained the nature of both Ember and Black Brigade, accepting any offer of help in dealing with Ember, sending Black Brigade along as their envoy. Boshlovor informed them that Tabissara meant "ruling council" not "elevenfold", but Scarlet Witch spoke Slorenian and noticed his lie, wondering why there were only ten of them.

(War Machine#13 - BTS) - Locomotive Breath received an e-mail from the Tabissara, informing him that due to the circumstances of the civil war, they were forced to deny him further access to The Program.

(Force Works#11) - The Tabissara welcomed Tony Stark to Slorenia to form a trade agreement between Slorenia and Stark Enterprises, with Stark giving combination watch/miniature televisions to each of the Tabissara, each actually containing a surveillance device.

Boshlovor reported to Volkhvy on the progress so far, at The Program, and gave him one of the watches and then helped him to renew his power through The Program.

(Force Works#12 - BTS) - After the death of Volkhvy and the destruction of the Slorene Parliament Compound, a new Slorenian government was formed to replace the Tabissara (a number of whom were possibly killed in the explosion).

(Avengers: Endless Wartime#1 - BTS) - The unseated regime council, Tabissara, formed a mercenary force to take Slorenia back from the democratically elected government. The United States aided the government against the mercenary forces, now also referred to as Tabissara, by hiring military contractor Hereward, who sent in their Ice Harrier drones to deal with the government's enemies. The Tabissara mercenaries shot down one of the Ice Harriers while the others were dealt with by the Avengers and Hereward themselves after they lost control over the creatures.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Paul Ryan.

Profile by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

When we last saw the Eastern European country Slorenia millions of citizens had been killed by Ultron and even more died at the hands of Bloodwraith, who has since then been wandering the country in giant form. In Warren Ellis' Avengers: Endless Wartime Slorenia the Bloodwraith situation was solved and the country was suddenly located in the Middle East (neigboring Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Iran). At least the bloodshed stayed the same with the civil war between government forces and the mercenary forces of the deposed Tabissara. To quote Tom Brevoort "continuity is a tool" and an editor's job is "not to maintain the continuity, it's to tell excellent and engaging stories that excite and involve the readers" I am not sure how Slorenia's new location improved the story, but....whatever. A wizard did it!
--Markus Raymond

Boshlovor's first name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

The Tabissara should not be confused with:

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