Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Nefarious magical being of Celtic origins

Occupation: Ne'er do well

Affiliations: Leader of her army of ugly-creatures

Enemies: Dr. Druid; New York Transit Workers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed; previously, the subway tunnels of New York City

First Appearance: Solo Avengers#10 (September, 1988)


Powers: Stonecutter can teleport, creating a blinding flash when she does so; she can also disguise herself as a human; she likely possesses other powers, the extent of which are unknown.

History: BTS- The origins of the creature known only as "Stonecutter" are unknown, although she is connected to the Celts in some way (possibly, she is one of the Fomor). She and her "disciples" have dwelt beneath the earth for some time, but have dreamt of rising up and conquering the surface world.



(Solo Avengers#10)- Their existence first became known when they began killing people aboard New York subway trains, to complete a Celtic ritual that would, in some way, enable them to conquer the surface. With stolen subway cars, they built a ceremonial area similiar to Stonehenge, and held sacrifices there.




While recovering the last man needed to complete the sacrifice, Stonecutter encountered the Avenger Dr. Druid. Recognizing him as a "man of power", she warned him not to get involved, but he pressed on, and disrupted the ceremony in time to save the last man. Using his powers to create a tremor, Dr. Druid was able to cause the "pillars" of the circle to topple, dispersing Stonecutter's spell, and restoring her to her true form. She and her disciples fled into the earth, while Dr. Druid tended to the man intended for sacrifice.






Comments: Created by D.G. Chichester, Margaret Clark and Lee Weeks.

The idea behind Stonecutter was apparently to give Dr. Druid a nemesis of his own; disregarding Zamu and the Aquanoids, he doesn't really have any foes of his own, so it's not a bad idea. But we never do learn anything about Stonecutter or her origins. There's potential, sure, but she's practically a blank slate.

Still, when Dr. Druid returns-- because we all know he isn't really dead-- maybe he can encounter her again, and we can figure out just what makes her tick.

by Prime Eternal




Clarifications: Stonecutter has no known connection to:
Stonecutter, Utama "Tom" Samchant, of the Exemplars, empowered by Raggadorr, @ Peter Parker: Spider-Man#11
The Stonecutters from The Simpsons. "Who controls the British Crown; who keeps the metric system down; we do; we do..." --That's my favorite line in any song--Snood.





Stonecutter's disciples were grotesque creatures with sharpened fingers. Although unskilled at combat (and speech), they could overwhelm opponents by sheer numbers. -Solo Avengers#10


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