Real Name: Shinga Doon

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional (Microverse)

Occupation: Wise man (though I really wouldn't call him a "man")

Affiliations: Rick Jones, Unknown association with Epiphany

Enemies: Entropy

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: At the top of a tall mountain in the Microverse

First Appearance: Captain Marvel V#2 (October, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Shinga Doon was enormous and  probably had strength and durability to scale. He was also very intelligent and very very wise.

History:  Just about nothing is known of Shinga Doon before his first meeting with Rick Jones accept that he had quite a reputation as a very wise man, and that he seemed to live up to that reputation.

(Captain Marvel Vol. 6 #2) - Rick Jones had been trapped in the Microverse after Captain Marvel (Genis)  went insane. He somehow heard of a wise man named Shinga Doon and sought him out. He climbed up the mountain which Shinga Doon lived on, and eventually ran into a humongous beast that ended up being Shinga Doon. Shinga kept Rick from falling off the mountain and then took him to a cave and warmed him by a fire. Rick filled Shinga Doon in on the story of Captain Marvel, as well as what was going on on Earth, receiving Shinga's insight in the process. Eventually, he told Rick that he had a solution for Marvel's problem and that it was quite simple, but then, just as he said so, he was crushed and killed by Entropy.

(Captain Marvel Vol. 6 #3) - During the following month, Rick was trapped and freezing, and forced to ration Shinga Doon's body for food. His body was well preserved due to the cold, and Rick offered some to Epiphany when she showed up looking for Shinga Doon.

Comments: Created by Peter David, Chris Cross, and Chris Sotomayor.

It was not revealed at the time of Shinga Doon's death who had killed him. For awhile, Entropy was named only as "No One."

Big thanks to The Comic Fanatic for the images of Shinga Doon. I e-mailed him with the request never having had previous association with him and he was very generous. Visit his site for comic previews, reviews and news at


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