Real Name: unrevealed

Identity/Class: human, conventional weapons user

Occupation: professional criminal;
    enforcer, bodyguard

Affiliations: agent of M.C. and his gang

Enemies: Fontana, Punisher (Castle), VIGIL

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: the Warehouse, Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Punisher II#71 (October, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Recoil is skilled at hand to hand combat as well as with the use of firearms and explosives. He does not allow little things like bodily harm or collateral damage to sway him from his task. He also enjoys quoting the Looney Toons while engaged in a life or death struggle.

    He had a fast car, which he wrecked, and his own helicopter.


(Punisher II#71) - When a gang of punks tried to betray and steal from some of MC's men, Recoil showed up and terminated them. The Punisher and Microchip happened to be in the same parking garage and killed the rest of MC's men who were present, but Recoil escaped.

(Punisher II#72) - Recoil slew Fontana for MC, who then sent him to back up his agent Ennio. Recoil engaged the Punisher in a gunfight while he was pursing Ennio's van, and he was impressed by Castle's ability to take punishment and keep on fighting, just like the cartoon characters. Ennio drive his van into a parking deck, and both the Punisher and Recoil followed. However, while caught up in the excitement, Recoil failed to realize he was heading for a barrier and drove through it and off the deck, and crashed on the road below. Still, Recoil forced his way out of crushed car, and stumbled off.

(Punisher II#73) - Recoil recovered Ennio from the police infirmary, where he'd been sent when cops saved him from the Punisher. MC suspected that Ennio had ratted him out to the Punisher, and so Recoil picked Ennio up and ran him into his helicopter's blades.

(Punisher II#74) - When the Punisher assaulted MC's fortress, the drug lord sent Recoil down to deal with him. Castle nearly blew Recoil to bits with a grenade, but the lunatic kept coming. The two traded punches until they were both exhausted, but the Punisher managed to grab Recoil's head and push it into a huge bowl of cocaine, overdosing him. Recoil managed to come after him even after that, but Castle hurled him into a shaft, which blew up instants later.

(Punisher II#75) - As the group VIGIL attempted to take in the Punisher, Recoil burst out onto the rooftop, battered and bruised, but still shooting (and cursing). He mowed down several of the VIGIL agents and even shot one of their helicopters out of the air. While the Punisher fought MC's men aboard the crimelord's chopper, Recoil fired up his own special, Tweety Pie. The nutjob thought he finally had Castle when he was knocked out of MC's vessel and left hanging from a rope, but Castle knocked another of MC's men into his small custom chopper, destroying its propeller. As Recoil's craft crashed into a bus and blew up, he was heard to say, "Th-th-that's all--"

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Doug Braithwaite.

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