Real Name: Unrevealed (see comments)

Identity/Class: Human (Old West era) athlete

Occupation: Owlhoot, Polecat, Ranny; former circus aerialist


Enemies: Rattler; Two-Gun Kid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Whirlo

Base of Operations: mobile throughout the Old West USA

First Appearance: (as Whirlo) Rawhide Kid I#37 (December, 1963)
(as Rattler) Two-Gun Kid I#88 (July, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: The Rattler was a highly skilled athlete, specializing in gymnastics and aerial maneuvers. He was exceedingly quick and was very strong, although his abilities were not superhuman.


(Rawhide Kid#37) - On the run from the law, the Rawhide Kid attempted to hide out in a circus. Whirlo, one of the circus' aerialists, figured there must be a large reward for the Kid, and attempted to capture him. The Kid managed to dodge Whirlo, and escaped. Later, however, the Kid encountered a gymnastically skilled criminal, the Rattler, and suspected Whirlo. The Kid confronted Whirlo, who challenged him to an aerial fight. The Kid managed to bounce Whirlo off of the highwire, but saved him, just as the real Rattler revealed himself. It was the circus' ringmaster, who had hoped that Whirlo would be framed for his crimes.


(TGK#88) - Sometime later, the Rattler was paroled from prison. Soon after, the Rattler showed up miles away, in the town of Tombstone. After the Rattler robbed a bank and escaped, the Two-Gun Kid checked out the circus where the Rattler had worked, which happened to be nearby. Whirlo met him and explained that the Rattler wished revenge on him for turning him over to the police after his defeat by the Rawhide Kid.
Soon after, the Rattler bushwacked some payroll transporters, running into the Two-Gun Kid (who had anticipated this attack) in the process. The Kid held his own against the acrobatic owlhoot until he stumbled over a rock, and the Rattler cole-cocked him with his gun. The Rattler left the stunned Kid, preferring to destroy his reputation, rather than finish him off. However, the Kid figured out that Whirlo had been acting as the Rattler, tracked him down to the circus, and exposed him. Upon capture, Whirlo revealed that he did it all for revenge on the ringmaster for having framed him before...oh yeah, and for the money, too, but that's just gravy (well, he didn't say that...but he was thinkin' it! If you hold the issue up to the right light, you can tell...it's in his eyes, man!).

Comments: Whirlo created by Stan "The Man" Lee and Dick Ayers. Roy Thomas adapted him into the next Rattler.

I've got Redlin listed in my notes as the Rattler's last name, but I'm not sure where that came from.

It came from Marvel Fanfare I#49/2 wherein a "Rattler" Redlin is tried for a crime he didn't commit, but don't get it wrong. Rattler isn't a good guy! I don't know if this "Rattler" Redlin is the character you had named as Redlin on the Appendix (http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/rattlew2.htm). The Rattler from Marvel Fanfare wasn't wearing the green costume and he had a gang, but they were both blond and the story played ca. 1880 so he could've become the leader of his own gang in the meantime. http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix3/bronsonbeartgk.htm

I just scanned pics for a profile on Redlin's partner/foe from the Fanfare story which is a guy named "Bear" Bronson. Funny thing about Bronson is that he looked a lot like Grizzly Grogan (http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/grogangr.htm)

The story's author Mike Barr seemed to like the old Western comics, but he had problems remembering the names.

Here the synopsis (for Rattler, if it is decided by Snood (who already used the name) that Redlin is similar enough to be the second Old West Rattler.):
(Marvel Fanfare I#49) - Redlin was tried for a crime he didn't commit and Matt Hawk successfully defended him. Redlin left court as a free man, but his former partner "Bear" Bronson wanted him dead and tried to ensure that Redlin was killed by Tombstone's citizen. Bronson's plan failed and he was caught by Two-Gun Kid who was sure that Bronson and the rest of Redlin's gang would testify against Redlin to save their own hides.
--Markus Raymond

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