MEMBERSHIP: Inner Council, Myrna, Tech

PURPOSE: Creation of a city which could escape Earth in the event of nuclear war


ENEMIES: Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Lyja (as Alicia Masters-Storm)

BASE of OPERATIONS: An unnamed mountain 15 miles north of Athenville, New York

FIRST APPEARANCE: Fantastic Four I#302 (May, 1987)






(Fantastic Four I#302 (fb) - BTS) - Approximately ten years ago, the Inner Council of Project: Survival was formed and began hollowing out and reinforcing a mountain to serve as the ultimate refuge from what they perceived as inevitable nuclear war. Believing that nowhere on Earth could be safe in the event of such a war, they constructed a city within the mountain, and designed the mountain as an immense ship that could be launched into space when the war became imminent.
    Wishing to save the best and the brightest of Earth, the Council began secretly recruiting people to carry on the human race while the rest of mankind blew itself to atoms. The nearby artist colony of Athenville was a major source of volunteers. Occasionally, however, recruits had second thoughts on joining the Project, and so they had their recent memories wiped and were returned to town.
    The would-be space colony was nearly completed, but lacked the means of propulsion to escape Earth. While Project scientists worked on this, Tech became paranoid that they would not have enough time and that a nuclear war would occur before they were ready for it. To this end, he employed some of the Project agents to steal several nuclear warheads from the US Army, which, of course, caught the Army's attention. Troops were stationed outside of Athenville and a search for the missing nukes was intiated.




(Fantastic Four I#302) - The newly married Johnny and Alicia (actually Lyja) Storm came to Athenville to visit their old friend Myrna. Learning of mysterious disappearances, amnesiac reappearances, and a suspicious military presence, they were nonetheless duped and gassed by Myrna, who wished them both to join the Project. As the Inner Council explained its purpose, Johnny questioned them about the missing nukes (which he had learned of by questioning the army), exposing Tech's clandestine activities. Tech ordered his guards to contain Johnny (his powers submerged by a chemical treatment) and Alicia, as well as the rest of the Inner Council and Myrna, who opposed the danger the nuclear weapons presented. Tech then prepared for an emergency launch, but Johnny overcame the chemicals suppressing his powers and entered the launch chamber. Though the nukes were already armed, Johnny managed to disable them, though he did set off on of the detonators in the process, causing a minor explosion. Tech was injured in the explosion and taken away by the Army who arrived soon thereafter. Many of the members, including Myrna, were appalled that they had ever gotten involved with such a Project, while others felt that they couldn't turn their back on the dream and that it was up to them to carry it on.

COMMENTS: Created by Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco, and John & Sal Buscema, who give a "special thanks to the folks at Omacron 6 for all the story ideas!"


    Lyja gave another of her convincing performance as the blind and compassionate Alicia Masters-Storm, fooling several close friends of Alicia, and comforting her old friend with compassionate words about peace on Earth. Oh, that's right...they hadn't re-written her to have not been Alicia yet at that point...Blah!

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Inner Council


The organizing and governing body of Project: Survival, the other members were unaware of Tech's radical activities


--Fantastic Four I#302





An artist from Athenville and an old friend of Alicia, she joined with the Project and even tried to recruit Johnny and Alicia. After Tech's activities were revealed, Myrna realized that it was a mistake to try to leave Earth, and that she should work towards making the world a better place .


--Fantastic Four I#302





Arnold Stuart Kamisky. He was a former employee of the US' nuclear defense program, which caused him to develop a paranoid fear of nuclear war. He jeopardized the secrecy and very existence or Project: Survival by stealing the nuclear weapons, violating the principles of the other members to serve his own fears. When exposed, he attempted to launch the colony against the wishes of the other members, but was foiled by the Torch and injured in the ensuing explosion.

     --Fantastic Four I#302



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