Real Name: Percy Boraine

Identity/Class: Human; South African

Occupation: Corporal in the South African Security Forces

Affiliations: Anton Pretorius, Cynthia, South African Security Forces (his driver, many others)

Enemies: Black Panther (T'Challa), black people, Zanti Chikane

Known Relatives: Cynthia (wife ??)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Pretoria, South Africa and the surroundings

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#16/2 (early April, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: None. Military training, used a machine gun.

Percy was part of the South African Security Forces, but he didn't enjoy his job and thought it to be boring the most days.

(MCP#17 fb): Percy and  Cynthia were many times on the beach together; he didn't like it because of the blacks.

(MCP#16/2): Percy and his partner saw Zanti Chikane and Black Panther walking around, and they drove up to them with their army truck.

(MCP#17/2): While his partner drove the army truck towards Black Panther and Zanti, Percy only thought about his beloved Cynthia. Percy left the truck first with a machine gun in his hands and wanted to know why the Panther was wearing a mask and if he was in some sort of fight. Black Panther kicked him into the face and Percy fired some bullets into the air by accident. Panther grabbed him with his legs and threw Percy against his partner. Percy was angry at Panther and Zanti, who stole the army truck; the hate against black people once again grew in him.

(MCP#18/2): Percy was called to the Magistrate of Communications Anton Pretorius and didn't know why. He learned that the man that attacked him was Black Panther and that this was an international incident. Percy was shown a picture of Black Panther and the wound on his lip started to bleed again when he told Pretorius that this was indeed his attacker. Pretorius took care of the bleeding and promised Percy that reinforcement troops were sent out to catch the Black Panther.


Comments: Created by Don McGregor and Gene Colan

by Markus Raymond

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Cynthia was the life partner of Percy Boraine. He thought about being with her on a whites-only beach in Capetown instead of where he had to go now with her when his partner drove the truck towards Black Panther and Zanti.

--Marvel Comics Presents#17/2 fb


Percy's driver

He was on patrol with Boraine and drove with the truck through the rural areas around Pretoria. They headed towards the strange couple of Black Panther and Zanti Chikane when they saw them. He followed Percy with a machine gun and tried to shoot Black Panther when he attacked Percy, but the Panther threw Percy against him. When he tried to get his machine gun again the Panther stepped on his hand and threw it away. He had to watch how Panther and Zanti stole the truck.

--Marvel Comics Presents#16/2 (17/2



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