MEMBERSHIP Skelter, Syth, at least four unnamed

PURPOSE: The bodyguards of Cortez, later servants of Exodus, to kill humans in Genosha

AFFILIATIONS: Exodus, (formerly) Fabian Cortez, Mutate rebels of Genosha

ENEMIES: The Avengers, The humans of Genosha, The X-Men



HISTORY: The Unforgiven were apparently all former mutates in service of the Genoshan state, which treated them incredibly inhumanely and like slaves. When Fabian Cortez led the mutate rebels that overthrew and assassinated the Genoshan government, and proclaimed himself the new head of Genosha, he appointed the Unforgiven as his personal bodyguards. 

(X-Men II#26)- The X-Men had come to Genosha during the civil war between mutates and humans, with the intentions of stopping the atrocities being committed by both sides. Almost immediately after they arrived however, they were all knocked off their feet by a sonic (?) wave from the Unforgiven, who informed the X-Men that they were Cortez's appointed protectors, and when they realized that the X-Men were there to stop the slaughter of the humans instead of aid in it, the Unforgiven attacked.

(Avengers West Coast#101)- The battle between the X-Men and the Unforgiven started out with the Unforgiven cutting into a few of the X-Men's ranks. However, even those of the X-Men that fell victim to the Unforgiven recovered fast, and within minutes, the X-Men defeated every member of the Unforgiven.

(Avengers I#369)- Exodus had killed Cortez, and was going to destroy the entire island of Genosha in minutes if the mutate rebels didn't kill every human on the island. The Unforgiven declared themselves loyal servants of Exodus, and quickly joined the fray. They knocked out Revanche, and then went on to join the other countless mutates as they attacked all humans and X-Men in sight. It is unknown what became of them after Exodus' defeat.

COMMENTS: Created by Fabian Nicieza and Andy Kubert

Man, if these guys were Cortez's bodyguards, they sure didn't do their job well. They never even met Exodus, and they were simply blindly following him and claiming to be his servants.  He never appointed them to a position like Cortez did.

These guys had a really great dramatic entrance, but were never really much of a threat, and were taken down with ease. 


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