Membership: Analyzer/Deus Ex Machina, Count Tagar, Juvan, Nobilus, Zon

Affiliations: Balder, Hercules, High Evolutionary, Kronans, Luminor, New Men, Sif, Stellaris, Thor, Adam Warlock

Enemies: Ego, God Pack, High Evolutionary, Loki, Man-Beast, Thor

Base of Operations: New Wundagore; later, Mount Wundagore; later, a base at Orion

First Appearance: Thor I#420 (August, 1990)

History: (Thor I#408)- After Thor shaved his beard off at the High Evolutionary's base at Mount Wundagore, one of the New Men brought the hair and blood from his shaving bowl to Count Tagar, so that it could be used to create a new race of immortals.

(Thor I#419)- The High Evolutionary and Count Tagar brought New Wundagore to the Black Galaxy to begin the experiments. When they were discovered by Recorder#211, the High Evolutionary blasted him, then sent him off to be re-built to serve him.

(Thor I#420)- With the material taken from Thor, the High Evolutionary created the first of the New Immortals, Nobilus, within the Pool of Knowledge, a genetic soup created from Thor's genetic material.

(Thor I#422)- The next to be created was Zon, followed by Juvan. While Nobilus had proven mentally unstable, the other two were presented to Thor and Hercules by the High Evolutionary as examples of the New Immortals' potential. Thor also encountered Recorder#211, now re-built into the Analyzer, loyal to the High Evolutionary. Meanwhile, to aid his master in his experiments, Count Tagar subjected himself to the Pool of Knowledge, and became a New Immortal himself.

(Thor I#423)- Nobilus was stolen away from the High Evolutionary by Stellaris, who wanted his help against the Celestials. Juvan and the Analyzer joined Thor and Hercules in examining the experiment being performed by the Celestials in the Black Galaxy, while Count Tagar confronted the High Evolutionary and Zon.

(Thor I#424)- On the surface of the planetoid, the New Immortals fought Thor to keep from interfering in the Celestials' attempt to create a new Celestial from the Black Galaxy. The Analyzer was forced to shut down due to the wealth of information it received, and the High Evolutionary went mad upon realizing he was imperfect. Nobilus took care of his creator.

(Thor I#425)- Count Tagar gathered the High Evolutionary and Analyzer aboard New Wundagore, promising Thor that he would restore the Analzyer to his original form.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#3-4)- The High Evolutionary, now mad, was pursued by survivors of Counter-Earth, sent by the Man-Beast. Unable to lift off from the planet they had crashed upon, they were aided by Adam Warlock, who destroyed their pursuers.

(Thor I#447/2)- The New Immortals, looking for the High Evolutionary and Analyzer, found Balder and Sif aboard New Wundagore, searching for Thor.

(Thor I#448/2)- They brought them to Count Tagar, who explained their problem as they followed the High Evolutionary's path to Ego, who was also being studied by the Celestials.

(Thor I#449/2)- Nobilus, Balder and Sif went to Ego and found the High Evolutionary and Analyzer examining the Celestial created from the Black Galaxy. The High Evolutionary explained that Ego was part of a larger entity which had now come to claim him.

(Thor I#450/2)- Because the High Evolutionary refused to leave Ego, Sif knocked him out and returned them all to New Wundagore just as an entire host of Celestials arrived. The High Evolutionary continued his analysis from New Wundagore.

(Thor I#473 (fb))- When the High Evolutionary regained his sanity, he determined that it was time to create yet another new race on earth. The New Immortals and New Men were both put off by his abandonment of them, and turned against him. He fled New Wundagore and returned to earth, where he created the Godpack.

BTS- Over time, the New Immortals turned their attentions toward conquest of the planet earth. From their base at Orion, they mind-controlled those New Men still loyal to the High Evolutionary to serve them, and converted the Analzyer into Deus Ex Machina-- a weapon capable of destroying all life on earth. They also secretly contacted Luminor of the Godpack and convinced him to defect to their side.

(Thor I#482)- The New Immortals sent the Kronans to attack the High Evolutionary, but they were defeated. The God Pack, High Evolutionary, and Thor then journeyed to the New Immortals base and fought them. Unable to defeat Nobilus on his own, Thor brought his brother Loki to the scene. Despite the treachery of Luminor, the New Immortals were defeated. Count Tagar was beaten into a coma by the High Evolutionary, and Deus Ex Machina was destroyed.

(Thor I#483-484)- Each of the New Immortals, along with their ally Luminor, were placed into suspended animation by the High Evolutionary and placed aboard his new vessel, Wundagore III. The High Evolutionary hoped that over time he might be able to correct the flaws in the New Immortals and revive all of them.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Joe Sinnott.

by Prime Eternal

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