Real Name: Maya

Identity/Class: Mystically-Altered human

Occupation: Goddess of Dreams, former Queen of the Sakyas (c. 560? BC)

Group Membership: Hindu Gods (Daevas)

Affiliations: Mahdi, Dr. Stephen Strange

Enemies: British Empire

Known Relatives: Siddhartha (son, alias Gautama Buddha)

Aliases: Mahadevi (she was sometimes equated with the goddess Lakshmi Sri)

Base of Operations: Nirvana, formerly Kapilavastu, India in the Sixth Century BC (now part of modern Nepal),

First Appearance: Amazing High Adventure#5 (December 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Maya possesses the conventional powers of the Hindu gods possibly including superhuman strength (Class 25), longevity, resistance to injury and several powers mystical in nature, possibly to stir visions and images in the form of dreams to mortals.

History: (Buddhist Legend) Maya was once the queen of the Sakya warrior caste of Ancient India. In a dream, the Hindu god Vishnu appeared to her in the form of a bodhisattva and informed her that she would have a son. Her son, Gautama Buddha, was actually Vishnu in his ninth avatar on earth and in this form he became an Indian philosopher whose preachings became the religious tenets that became modern Buddhism .

Under unresolved circumstances, Maya was accepted as a god into the Hindu Pantheon. Her importance was much more felt to Chinese Buddhists.

(Amazing High Adventure#5/3) <1870's> - An Indian rebel called the Mahdi, seeking to destroy the British army, prayed to the Hindu gods, demanding the power to fight the British. In a vision, Yama, Ratri (goddess of night), Agni (god of fire, two-headed), Maya (goddess of dreams), and KÔli granted the Mahdi powers and weapons to fight the British. From Yama, the Mahdi gained a fiery sword, from Ratri the power of "the night's shadows", from Agni sacrificial flame, from Maya the power to drive his enemies to despair with illusions, and from KÔli the wheel of destruction. The Mahdi then used these powers in battle-only to discover too late that he had offended the gods by trying to order them around. The Mahdi's weapons were only illusions, and he died in battle.

(Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa) - Maya appeared to Doctor Strange and tried to persuade him not to participate in the Lords of Shamballa's plan to bring about an evolution of the human species.

Comments: Adapted by Bill Mantlo and Steve Purcell.

This entry obviously employs many of the characteristics of both Hinduism and Buddhism. It might be added that Buddha's birth in the Sixth Century BC is topical.

John McDonagh provides the information on Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa, and adds: "This GN was by J.M. DeMatteis and Dan Green. It came out in 1986.
DeMatteis states that Atlantis sank 12,000 years ago. Quite odd. Also he calls the survivors of Mu the fathers of Vedic Wisdom.
Doctor Strange also visits temples built by Atlantean refugees.

An odd mistake on the part of the author of the Amazing High Adventures concept. The concept of a Mahdi is a Muslim, not a Hindu concept. The Mahdi will serve as an assistant to Jesus when Muslims believe Jesus will return to stop the Anti-Christ, protect Muslims, and kill all pigs.
--John McDonagh

PROFILE BY: Thor2000 and Per Degaton

CLARIFICATIONS: Maya is not to be confused with:

Amazing High Adventure#5 (December, 1986) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Steve Purcell (pencils), Del Barras (inks), Carl Potts (editor)
Graphic Novel: Dr. Strange: Into Shamballah (1986) - J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Dan Green (pencils)

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