Real Name: Mariano Sinclair

Identity/Class: Human/criminal

Occupation: Gang member

Affiliations: unnamed gang; Recession Raiders (August, Ronnie); Lotus Newmark? (see comments)

Enemies: Hitmaker; The Beast; Wonder Man

Known Relatives: Hitmaker (Orlando Sinclair; brother); unnamed mother; unnamed father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hollywood, CA

First Appearance: Wonder Man Annual#2/1 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: Orlando Sinclair possessed no superhuman powers, but was skilled with handguns.

History: (Wonder Man Annual#2/1-fb) While his brother, Orlando, was trying his best to become an actor, Orlando became a gang member. The gang life brought him the respect and money he wanted, but also put his family in danger. In retribution for an earlier incident, a rival gang attacked Orlando, paralyzing him. Through his underground connections, Mariano got his brother a powerful exoskeleton that would once more give him the ability to walk, but at a price... For the use of the exoskeleton, Orlando would have to act as a hitman for his brother's gang. On the first mission the gang sent him on, Orlando ditched.

(Wonder Man Annual#2/1) - Hitmaker, chasing after a gang who had fired a bazooka at him, found that they led him to his brother, Mariano. Mariano held a gun to his brother's head, but Wonder Man and the Beast, who were following Hitmaker, crashed through the wall, causing a distraction. They were followed by two Recession Raiders, who grabbed Mariano and helped him escape. Wonder Man attempted to follow, but Hitmaker stopped him, saying that his brother was his own problem.

Comments: Created by Gerard Jones and Gordan Purcell

It's likely that the Hitmaker exoskeleton came from Lotus Newmark, who was well known for upgrading local gangs' arsenals. She did send her agents, the Recession Raiders, to rescue Mariano, after all.

Profile by: Zerostar


Mariano Sinclair has no known connection to...


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