Real Name: Janice

Identity/Class: Human magic user (English, Age of Camelot)

Occupation: White magic user

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Modred the Mystic

Enemies: Chthon/The Other

Known Relatives: Gervasse (father)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Gervasse's castle in the 6th Century
A ruined abbey near the town of Bath in England

First Appearance: Marvel Chillers#1 (October, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Janice had skill with white magic. She used it to slow her aging process and also had mystical senses. When her soul was owned by Chthon, Janice could access any spell in the Darkhold and control the elements, among other things.

History: (Marvel Chillers#1) - Lady Janice was betrothed to her father's apprentice, Modred and they were to be married once Modred had graduated to a mage. This was disrupted when Merlin requested that Modred come to Camelot and be his apprentice. Knowing this would mean leaving Janice forever, Modred refused and went to the Tower of the Darkhold to find power to stop Merlin. Janice followed Modred and entered the Tower just as Modred was grappling with the Other. The Other, seeking a sacrifice, then turned to Janice. Modred offered himself to the Other to spare her. Modred fell to the floor, but Janice could tell he was still alive. Her father, Gervasse, took Modred and put him in a crypt that would keep him safe until the day he awakened.

(Darkhold#12 (fb) - BTS) - Mourning Modred, Janice decided to use her white magic to slow her aging so that she may see him when she awakens. Over the centuries, she grew older and went blind, eventually taking residence in an abandoned abbey. The locals developed a legend about an old, blind, holy woman who watches from the hill.

(Darkhold#12) - Modred arrived at the abbey having been told by the Other that if he gets the pure and noble woman who lives there to willingly give up her soul, the Other will return his own immortal soul to him. Modred, not recognizing her aged form in the darkness, first offered to restore her sight at the price of her soul. She refused. He then offered to restore her youth and beauty for her soul, but she again refused. Then Modred offered her the true love she had been seeking, if she gave up her soul. Janice accepted and went through with the ritual.

As Chthon took possesion of her, Janice's youth and eyesight returned to her and she saw that her love, Modred, had indeed returned to her. Modred, now regretting what he had done was even more horrified to learn who he had done it to. Janice, under Chthons control began to attack Modred with the Darkhold powers, but Modred convinced her to use her faith and their love to help her resist Chthon. As Janice fought mentally against Chthon and physically against Modred, Modred once again offered himself to Chthon to save Janice. Chthon accepted.

As Janice's soul was returned to her, Modred asked for her forgiveness. Janice replied "Forgive...? Hush, my sweet. How could I but love the man who sacrificed his soul to save mine... not once, but twice. If only for the briefest moments, we were together..." Lady Janice then passed away

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Yong Montano and possibly Marv Wolfman.

It was actually the Merlin imposter that had summoned Modred to Camelot. For the full deal see Merlin Demonspawn.

by Patrick D Ryall

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Images taken from:
Marvel Chillers#1, page 10, panel 5
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Darkhold#12 (Septeber, 1993)

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