Real Name: unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Professional criminal

Affiliations: leader of the Nubian Nation;
    former ally of Jigsaw and Don Carlo Cervello

Enemies: Don Cervello, Punisher (Castle)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Ryker's Island prison, New York

First Appearance: Punisher I#1 (January, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Gregario has no superhuman powers, but is a strong and savage combatant, especially skilled with the use of bladed weapons. He also had command of a band of similarly skilled African-American criminals.

History: Gregario's past history is unknown. While imprisoned in Ryker's Island prison, he came to serve as the enforcer for the respected mobster Don Cervello, who was also imprisoned.

(Punisher I#1) - Gregario served as Cervello's muscle to enforce his desire to prevent Jigsaw from trying to kill the Punisher, who was in his second imprisonment.  Cervello had organized a mass escape and wished to avoid the increased security a murder would stimulate. However, at the time of the escape, Cervello sent Gregario to ambush Castle in his cell and kill him. Castle had anticipated this, as well as Gregario's use of a homemade silencer, and had wrapped a mattress around himself to stop the slowed bullets. Castle then tracked the escaping prisoners and was seen by Gregario who met and attacked him in the guard tower. Castle managed to shoot Gregario in the shoulder, and left him in the custody of a trustworthy guard.

(Punisher II#56(fb)) - Gregario turned on Cervello, attacking and hospitalizing him, and moving on to lead his own group, the Nubian Nation, a group of African-American inmates at Ryker's Island.

(Punisher II#55) - The Punisher ended up in Ryker's Island once again, where he was confronted by Jigsaw and Gregario, as well as the rest of the Nubian Nation.

(Punisher II#56) - Gregario's men held the Punisher, while Jigsaw started to cut him up, until Hog--the leader of another group of prisoners, the white supremacists known as the Aryan Brotherhood--put a stop to things. Hog saw Castle as being under his dominion since he was a white man, and forced Gregario and the Nubian Nation to let him go in order to keep the peace. However, Castle then made it clear that he had no loyalty or respect for the Aryans, and so they stopped watching over him. Jigsaw, Gregario, and the Nubian Nation ambushed Castle once again, but Castle used a knife given to him by another prisoner (Pike) to slice Gregario before being held and having his face slashed repeatedly by Jigsaw. They had to leave Castle alive when the changing of the guards approached, but they later caught up with him in the prison infirmary. A bandaged Gregario joined in the assault, but Castle escaped through a hole blown in the wall by Pike's allies, who had planned his escape.

Comments: Created by Steven Grant and Mike Zeck.

Gregarious - social, tending to associate with others of one's kind

No known connection to:

Don Carlo Cervello


A respected mob figure in Ryker's Island, his past history is unknown. He had organized a mass escape and wished to avoid the increased security a murder would stimulate, so he prevented Jigsaw from trying to kill Castle. Cervello pretended to involve the Punisher in the escape, but then sent Gregario to kill him right before it. Castle survived and stopped Gregario from escaping. Cervello left him behind, and left the other would-be escapees to be recaptured or killed as the guards arrived. Meanwhile, he led Jigsaw down a separate escape passage, killing a guard en route to the warden's office. Cervello and Jigsaw took the warden and his assistant hostage, but Castle took out Jigsaw and forced Cervello to drop his gun by telling him he would only survive if he did not kill the warden.
    Much later, Gregario turned against Cervello, attacking and hospitalizing him, and moving on to lead his own group.


--Punisher I#1 (Punisher II#56 (fb) - BTS

In case you didn't realize, Don is a title for a mob chieftain, and not a first name in this case

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