Real Name: Dennis Foley

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (New Universe) human mutate (paranormal)

Occupation: unrevealed;
    former  criminal and convict

Affiliations: Justice (Tensen);
    formerly Hank

Enemies: Mrs. and Mr. Cryder;
    formerly the people of Duncanville, Texas

Known Relatives: unnamed parents

Aliases: "Ill Wind"

Base of Operations: Duncanville, Texas;
    formerly an unnamed Texas prison;
    Earth-New Universe

First Appearance: Justice#24 (October, 1988)



Powers/Abilities: Foley can manipulate air molecules, causing powerful winds or directing it in a focal, concentrated form, much like a giant fist.

(Justice#24 (fb) - BTS) - Dennis and his friend Hank got drunk and robbed the Cryder General Store, hoping to get some spending money. Unbeknownst to Dennis, however, Hank had a gun, and when Mr. Cryder pulled out his shotgun, Hank drew his gun and killed him. Dennis and Hank were sent to prison, where Dennis spent three years.

(Justice#24 (fb) - BTS) - Dennis developed paranormal powers in prison. After being released he headed back towards Duncanville. His powers were suspected by the National Security Council, and Terrence Updike sent Justice to investigate him and see if he truly was a paranormal or not.

(Justice#24) - En route to Duncanville Dennis met Justice, who kept his purpose to himself. It was immediately evident that the people of Duncanville did not want Dennis back, as "Get out of Town" signs littered the streets and lampposts. Dennis returned to his home, only to see his mom slam the door on him. Forcing the door open with his powers, Dennis confronted his parents, who told him that they didn't want him around any more.

(Justice#24 (fb) - BTS) - Justice met up with Dennis, revealing his true mission, and convincing him of how he might make himself more welcome in the town.


(Justice#24) - Dennis tried to make amends with Mrs. Crider, who cursed him and blamed him for her husband's death. A literal lynch mob then arrived, denouncing Foley, and carrying him off to a necktie party (that would be a noose for a hanging). Justice appeared before the mob, demonstrating his powers by blowing up a truck, and inviting Dennis to join him in destroying the town and then taking anything they wanted. Dennis refused, calling Duncanville his home, and then used his powers to dispatch Justice.
    Afterwards the townspeople realized that it might be useful to keep someone with Dennis' powers around to protect them from any of the other paranormals that seemed to be cropping up all over the place. They told Dennis that his past sins were forgotten and allowed him to stay. Afterwards, Dennis met up with Justice and thanked him for the idea and his help. Justice told Foley that he thought after recent events he had come to think that everyone  deserved a second chance. Justice also told Foley that he would be watching him.

(Justice#25 - BTS) - Justice told Updike that the whole mission had been a waste and that Foley turned out not to be a paranormal after all.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Mike Gustovich.

    Dennis referred to one use of his powers as an ill wind. That wouldn't be a bad name for him, assuming he ever appeared again, which he won't.

OK, I lived in Texas for a year back arond 1997-1998. Let me assure you, that no self-respecting Texan would ever wear a belt buckle that small!!!

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Justice#24, cover
page 15, pan4

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