: Alternate Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-90111

Environment: Essentially Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement, time travel.

Dominant Life Form: Same as Earth-616

Prominent Characters: Doctor Doom, Kingpin, Lilandra, Mad Thinker, Mega-Skrull, Metazoid, Supreme Hydra, Supremor, Ultra-Vision

Cameos: Sunfire, Shi'ar Imperial Guard ( Electron, Hobgoblin, Impulse (?), Magic, Mentor, Oracle, Quasar, Smasher, Starbolt, Tempest, plus one unidentified)

Unidentified aliens: Aakon, Alpha Centaurians, Badoon, Colonizers of Rigel, Kree, Sh'iar, Skrulls

First Appearance: What If? II#19 (November, 1990)

(Avengers I#233-254) - After battling Annihilus, the Vision lay comatose; Starfox established a mindlink with ISAAC the super-computer of Titan. As a result, the Vision formulated a plan to take over Earth for the good of mankind and usher in a new "Golden Age". With Isaac's help, the Ultra-Vision used the Encephalatron Chair to plug his mind into every computer on Earth and became the Ultra-Vision.

(What If? II#19) - Genosha viewed the Ultra-Vision's takeover as an act of aggression and exploded a thermonuclear device in New York in a (failed) attempt to cripple Ultra-Vision. The explosion killed most of the world's superheroes who had come to the U.N. to plead the Vision's case.

America, and soon, most other industrialized nations sank into chaos and anarchy.

Ultra-Vision enlisted the help of the the Mad Thinker, Doctor Doom, Hydra and the Kingpin to restore order, using android armies, Doombots and Hydra's manpower. Together, they imposed a neo-fascistic state over all of Earth.

(What If? II#19) - <Year 2136> Earth became a galactic conqueror, using green-hued space dreadnaughts bearing the insignia of Ultra-Vision's diamond set against Hydra's skull-faced, world-grappling octopus. They turned the Alpha Centaurians into slaves, beat the Aakon and drove the Colonizers back. Only the the Baadon, the Kree, the Shi'ar and the Skrull posed a significant challenge to its further expansion.

The Mega-Skrull and the Supremor of the Kree met with the triumvirate administering Earth under the Ultra-Vision's control: a clone of Doctor Doom, a female Supreme Hydra and the android Metazoid which housed the Thinker's mind. The purpose was to form an Earth-Kree-Skrull alliance to beat the Baadon, the Shi'ar and the Colonizers.

However, each party to the alliance planned to betray the other. The Skrulls struck at the Rigellans, Earth struck at the Shi'ar, with Doom single-handedly slaying Empress Lilandra and her Imperial Guard, while the Kree only pretended to strike at the Badoon, while secretly entering into an alliance with them, in order to attack a presumably unprotected Earth.

But Ultra-Vision had anticipated the double-cross and taken measures to thwart it. At Doom's signal, the Ultra-Vision took over the Supreme Intelligence, a virus destroyed the Skrulls' metamorphic nature (and turned them blue) while Hydra took the female Badoon hostage.

Nothing now prevented Earth from subjugating the rest of the galaxy.

Comments: Created by J.-M. Lofficier & Roy Thomas and Ron Wilson & Sam Delarosa.

The Metazoid that houses the Mad Thinker's mind in the 22nd century is obviously related to the artificial creature
Metazoid that fought Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel I #5, but it is not explained how.

The Kingpin works in New York anyway, so we must presume he was out on business for that Earth when Genosha bombed New York.
--Per Degaton
Yeah he was in Vegas you smart aleck you :-)

Profile by J.-M. Lofficier (yes, the same).

No known connection to:

What If? I#19, page 26, panel 1


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