Earth-9007 (Kennedy Not Killed By Oswald)

Type: Alternate Earth, Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Time-travel, vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans

Representatives: Corrigan, Jackie Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Abraham Zapruder

First Appearance: Avengers West Coast#60 (July, 1990)

History: (Avengers West Coast#60) - Earth-9007 diverged from Earth-616 in November, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald , in the book depository, was about to pull the trigger on President Kennedy when Agent Corrigan arrived in a nick of time and shot Oswald--Corrigan had earlier received a phone tip about Oswald.

However, just a few minutes after the death of Oswald, shots rang out, and Kennedy still died--Abraham Zapruder, a man who had come to watch the motorcade, took film-footage of Kennedy's death.  Immortus arrived, dressed in a business suit, noting "This time....the world will know that the fatal shot was not fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.  This time, the 'single assassin theory' will receive deservedly short shrift...and no frenzied rush to judgment can possibly ignore credible reports of gunmen firing from a 'grassy knoll.'"  Immortus was tempted to see what would develop, but erased Earth-9007 anyway.

Comments: Created by Roy and Dann Thomas (writers) and Paul Ryan (artist).

Immortus also mentioned that he had erased a few other timelines where Kennedy survived the assassination attempt.

For those of you who think you might have accidentally stumbled into a conspiracy theory site, I will explain. Around issues#50-61 of Avengers West Coast, Immortus was shown erasing various alternate timelines. Most of these timelines were shown in quick cameos of a page or two. Interestingly, they generally did not involve divergences related to usual Marvel characters, but rather historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln.

An odd sidebar is that many of the historical figures shown in these quick vignettes (Elizabeth I, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon) came at points of history after Immortus' native world (Other-Earth) diverged from Earth-616. Immortus' world diverged from the history of Earth-616 (and that of the real world) around the time of the fall of the Roman Empire, since in Immortus' world, the Dark Ages never happened--this was established in Fantastic Four I#272-273.

However, as also shown in those Fantastic Four issues, during the pre-modern era, Nathaniel Richards from Earth-616 traveled to Other-Earth and became an important leader there.  As established in a back-up in Captain America Annual#11, Richards had historical records of Earth-616 figures such as Captain America with him, so he may have also had records about Elizabeth I, Abraham Lincoln, et al.
--I'd say Immortus, who sought to be the whole master of all time, has extensive records on every single timeline--Snood.

John F. Kennedy made numerous comic book appearances in 1960s published Marvel comics... but due to the sliding timescale, these are topical references. However, two appearance have not been lost to us--in Captain Savage and His Battlefield Raiders#14 (May, 1969), Kennedy's time as skipper on the famous PT-109 figured in the end of a story, where Lieutenant Kennedy rescued Captain Simon Savage. And What If I#4, which was a flashback story set in the 1940s with the Invaders, showed the android Adam II attempting to kidnap John F. Kennedy.

On Earth-616, the death of JFK has been covered in Marvel: The Lost Generation#4. On November 21, 1963, Nightingale had a telepathic foreshadowing of a tragic event occurring in Dallas; she traveled there with her partners in the First Line, one of whom (Liberty Girl) died in a battle with some of their old enemies--mistakenly believing that this was the tragic event Nightingale foresaw, the First Line left Texas, while Lee Harvey Oswald prepared for the next day in the book depository.  More recently, a General Ryker in Incredible Hulk III# 18 was hinted at as being connected with the murder of JFK, though expect that to be sliding-timescaled out soon.

Wolverine II#49 has a flashback that takes place two days after the death of JFK, and has Wolverine and Sabretooth (then secret agents) hear about it.  Sabretooth makes some suspicious comments indicating a possible connection with the murder. Since Wolverine and Sabretooth do not age thanks to their recuperative powers, this will not be sliding-timescaled out.

JFK's assassination, among other things, was also a topic in the Moon Knight: High Strangeness mini-series. It had the CIA working on mind-control. The context for Kennedy's assassination as well as that of Oswald (seen in High Strangeness#2) remained a little unclear.
--John McDonagh

The murder of Robert Kennedy, JFK's brother, was depicted in The 'Nam#32.

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Earth-9007 should not to be confused with:

Abraham Zapruder, who took the famous footage of Kennedy's murder, should not be confused with:

Lee Harvey Oswald does not act alone on this Earth to assassinate President Kennedy.

Agent Corrigan followed up with a tip about Oswald and shot him in the back of the head before he could pull the trigger, but that was not enough to save President Kennedy.

images: (without ads)
Avengers West Coast#60, p2, pan1 (Main Image - President Kennedy's motorcade)
Avengers West Coast#60, p2, pan3 (Lee Harvey Oswald)
Avengers West Coast#60, p2, pan6 (Agent Corrigan)

Avengers West Coast#60 (July, 1990) - Roy and Dann Thomas (writers), Paul Ryan (penciller), Danny Bulanadi (inks), Bob Sharen (colors), Bill Oakley (letters), Howard Mackie (editor)

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