Real Name: Sharon Banks

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Lawyer

Affiliations: Blake Tower, Flash Thompson (client), Peter Parker

Enemies: Jack O'Lantern (Jason Phillip Macendale Jr.)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#278 (July, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Sharon Banks was a rather determined, if inexperienced, lawyer.

History: (Amazing Spider-Man I#278) - Hired to be Flash Thompson's defense lawyer in the upcoming Hobgoblin case, Sharon Banks met with Flash's friend, Peter Parker, at the jail where Flash was being held. Sharon got Peter an interview with Flash, who couldn't remember much of the past few days.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#280) - Sharon attempted to get Flash's other friends, Sha Shan and Betty Leeds, to testify for him, but Sha Shan turned her down. Sharon then lamented to Peter Parker that they just didn't have the kind of money that they'd need for Flash's defense.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#281) - While visiting Flash in his cell, Sharon was knocked unconscious, as the Jack O'Lantern kidnapped/broke Flash out of jail.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#282) - The next day, Sharon was swamped by reporters, looking for information on Flash's jailbreak.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#289) - Peter Parker and Sharon Banks visited Flash in his room at Mercy General Hospital, after he was caught in the battle between Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin. As Flash told his story, D.A. Blake Tower entered the room, and, as they no longer had any reason to believe Flash was the Hobgoblin, announced that the state had dropped their case against him.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Peter David, Jo Duffy (writers), Mike Harris, and Vince Colletta (art)

In her first appearance, Sharon's hair was colored with a purplish tint - a very odd color for a lawyer, indeed. Every appearance afterward, her hair was colored brown.

Yet another underused lawyer in the Marvel Universe. C'mon, people... Matt Murdoch isn't the only lawyer in the world!

A little more about Flash's arrest - After a fight with the Hobgoblin that resulted in a large explosion, Spider-Man found the villain knocked unconscious, and, after lifting the mask, saw that Flash Thompson was the man in the suit. In reality, Flash had been kidnapped and framed by another Hobgoblin, Ned Leeds, who was also being brainwashed and used by Roderick Kingsley, the REAL Hobgoblin (at the time.)

For more information on the continuity mess that the Hobgoblin became, check out

Profile by: Zerostar


Sharon Banks has no known connection to...

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