Falcon (Sam Wilson) (Avengers '04, 2 pages / SFNF, 0.5 page)

Fantastic Force (Teams, 1 page)

Fantastic Four (FF, 3 pages)

Fin (Peter Noble) (Golden Age, 1 page)

Fin Fang Foom (Golden Age, 1 page)

Firebird (Avengers '05, 1 page)

Firestar (Angelica Jones) (Women of Marvel, 1 page)

First Line (Teams, 1 page)

Vanessa Fisk (Daredevil, 2 pages)

Fly (Spider-Man '05, 1 page)

Force Works (Teams, 1 page)

Frederick Foswell (Spider-Man '05, 1 page)

Frightful Four (Teams, 1 page)

Emma Frost (White Queen) (X-Men '04, 2 pages)

Nick Fury (Marvel Knights, 4 pages)

Fusion (Markley) (Spider-Man '05, 1 page)

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