Cage (Luke Cage) (Marvel Knights, 3 pages / SFNF, 1 page)

Captain America (Steve Rogers) (Avengers '04, 2 pages / Golden Age, 1 page / SFNF, 1 page)

Captain Britain (Kelsey Leigh) (Avengers '04, 1 page)

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) (Book of the Dead, 2 pages)

Carnage (Cletus Kasady) (Spider-Man '04, 2 pages)

Carrion (Spider-Man '05, 2 pages)

Sharon Carter (Agent 13) (Women of Marvel, 1 page)

Centurius (NA#1 Director's Cut, 0.2 page)

Chameleon (Spider-Man '05, 2 pages)

Champions of LA (Teams, 1 page)

Champions of Xandar (Teams, 1 page)

Changeling (Kevin Sidney) (Book of the Dead, 1 page)

Citizen V (John Watkins) (Golden Age, 1 page)

Clea (Women of Marvel, 1 page)

Cloak (Tyrone Johnson) (Marvel Knights, 2 pages)

Colossus (AoA) (AoA, 1 page)

Controller (NA#1 Director's Cut, 0.2 page)

Fabian Cortez (Book of the Dead, 1 page)

Count Nefaria (Avengers '05, 2 pages)

Graydon Creed (Book of the Dead, 1 page)

Crimson Commando (Frank Bohannon) (Golden Age, 1 page)

Crystal (Crystalia Maximoff) (Women of Marvel, 1 page)

Cyber (Silas Burr) (Wolverine, 1 page)

Cyclops (Scott Summers) (X-Men '04, 2 pages / SFNF, 0.5 page)

Cypher (Doug Ramsey) (Book of the Dead, 1 page)

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