Barbarus (NA#1 Director's Cut, 0.2 page)

Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo) (Book of the Dead, 1 page)

Beak (Earth-616/Exiles) (AoA, 1 page)

Beak (AoA) (AoA, 0.5 page)

Beast (Hank McCoy) (X-Men '04, 2 pages)

Bereet (Hulk, 1 page)

Bi-Beast (Hulk, 1 page)

Big Hero Six (Teams, 1 page)

Bishop (Lucas Bishop) (X-Men '04, 2 pages)

Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) (Spider-Man '04, 2 pages)

Black Cat (Ultimate) (USM/FF, 1 page)

Black Fox (Robert Paine) (Golden Age, 1 page)

Black Knight (Whitman) (Avengers '05, 3 pages)

Black Marvel (Dan Lyons) (Golden Age, 1 page)

Blackout (Lilin) (NA#1 Director's Cut, 0.2 page)

Black Panther (T'Challa) (Avengers '04, 2 pages / Marvel Knights, 2 pages)

Black Widow (Captain Yelena Belova) (Women of Marvel, 1 page)

Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) (Daredevil, 3 pages / SFNF, 1 page)

Blade (Eric Brooks) (Marvel Knights, 3 pages)

Blink (AoA/Exiles) (AoA, 2 pages)

Blood Brothers (NA#1 Director's Cut, 0.2 page)

Bloodscream (Wolverine, 1 page)

Bloodstone (Ulysses Bloodstone) (Book of the Dead, 2 pages)

Blazing Skull (Mark Todd) (Golden Age, 1 page)

Blonde Phantom (Louise Grant-Mason) (Golden Age, 1 page)

Blue Diamond (Elton Morrow) (Golden Age, 1 page)

Betty Brant (Spider-Man '05, 2 pages)

Brotherhood of Mutants (Teams, 2 pages)

Brothers Grimm (NA#1 Director's Cut, 0.2 page)

Bucky (James Barnes) (Book of the Dead, 1 page /  Golden Age, 1 page)

Bullseye (Lester) (Daredevil, 2 pages)

Bushwacker (NA#1 Director's Cut, 0.2 page)

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